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Vast amounts of money were spent by Perkins & Cole just on the Occidental case. That firm went into overdrive to ensure that the college didn't comply with a Subpoena for O's registration records. They also mounted an assault against the lawyer in extra filings to threaten him with all manner of things, including major financial retribution. Knew several people who served subpoenas for that lawyer on that.

At the time, other cases were mounted that P & C had to respond to. Cole later was awarded by the O-brat with a plum position at the WH. (He was married to "I love Mao" Anita on staff there.).

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More like 93% white, 6% black. The supposed grandmother was Arab (white) and the grandfather a mix of Arab & black. And Obama isn't an African name.

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After the Civil War, the 14th Amendment added more nuance to citizenship laws and shifted that duty more to the federal gov't., and away from the states. The 14th was specifically meant for former slaves by ensuring them citizenship.

This is why Minor vs. Happersett is important, in clarifying NBC from native-born. Bingham also took similar steps by reading the NBC definition into the Congressional record.

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The US Code differentiates between native-born, natural born and naturalized citizens. Minor vs. Happersett also distinguishes between native-born citizenship via the 14th Amendment and natural born citizenship, which is why Virginia Minor lost her case.

All SCOTUS decisions since 1812 uniformly cite one definition of natural born citizenship: jus solis and jus sanguinis. Find one that does not.

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Plus Roger Calero, a non-citizen, was removed from ballots in some states. So, yes, each SOS can and does deny ballot access to ineligible candidates. Debra Bowen in CA was named in one suit for not fulfilling her sworn responsibilities.

In addition, the Keyes case filed in late 2008 only because the court, by the time the case had worked its way through the system, declared the issue to be moot after Obama was already sworn in.

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I remember when Constitutional attorney Leo Donofrio was going ballistic over the shenanigans of the CRS. Key passages from Minor vs. Happersett were scrubbed in order to obscure the meaning of natural born citizenship.

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Counted about twenty errors in Gen Z's reply regarding grammar and vocabulary use, including "your vs. you're."

You're welcome.

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One of those high-powered attorneys was thereafter awarded with a choice appointment to the White House. He is the husband of former Czar Anita "I love Mao" Dunn.

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Not entirely correct. The privacy laws for private educational institutions differ from public ones. It's much easier to obtain registration and other info from the latter.