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NOBODY CARES FOR THIS TYPE OF MOVIE...but they are really entertaining and fun too watch...i love these movies....

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Woow woow wait a minute God lost faith in mankind and brings the Apocalypse and the best thing to look foward to is a dinner??? Jessus Christ Man!! that sounds like that movie The Prophecy theres a dinner in that movie two....but i love apocalyptic movies....so make way cuz this movie will rule all over you and all the heavens and kingdoms for ages and ages....

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Brian you forgot the guy in the couch from the movie Half Baked (1998) now that would be killer toy....not much of action but you know you ll love to have him.....

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Ahhhh Robert Downey Jr back in the day he use to suck down on some mayor drugs so i totally see him sucking down on people now....come on just think about it sucking on humans not that hard how do you think he got his career back ....yup thats right.....sucking on people literally...

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Owww i that it was going to be a movie about my in laws.....i seen that before Satan her self....(mom in law)

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Yeah. My face is in it. There’s this crazy kind of getup that I wear. It’s got makeup and it’s got all this other stuff, and it’s a mask, basically. You can ha......BLAH BLAH BLAH SHUT UP>>>>>SHUT UP>>>>>>>JUST SHUT UP>>>>>>>This movie was never made!!!! Just like Indiana Jones the the kingdom of god knows what..If i don't see it i was never done....

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I swear to god this movie poster looks like barbra Streisand....the more i look at it the more i want to break out in song!

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Well well well i guess the movie company wins this round....

Movie company: 1
Internet : 0

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Great an air bender that can't get hurt see's dead people but yet enemies are trying to invade a farm like temple with trees trying to kill armies with air and not knowing there all trapped in a 1500 acre ranch and that they are looking for some type of lake?? awesome!

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Wait wait wait.....This is the same guy that just whipped his derriere with one of the great story's of chocolate or factory i really don't know i never read the book....Anyways his weird "look" at things is just not so new its old and if he need's to make a movie about a story everybody knows well that's just telling you he don't know what to do next....i just got 4 words for all of ya...Planet of the apes and Batman (or maybe 6) . We all know the back story to this films but yet this guy ruins them...But Big Fish was a great movie so i will watch this movie im really looking forward for this one....