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Next thing you know, the IRB will be wanting a list of patients having surgery at all private hospitals. Where do you draw the line?

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I guess corruption is in the genes and will be passed on for some generations.
It seems there is a shortage of dignity in Malaysia at present.

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Have the people of Johor been turned into beggars and scroungers? Show some dignity please.

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"treat his subjects”, he still hasn't got it, you can not buy respect or loyalty.

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From memory, respect is earned and not asked for.

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"based on suspicion alone" sounds more like the SS or the Gestapo of times gone by to me. What happened to the LAW in Malaysia?

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The time has come to shut down this bunch of ignorant parasites forever. The world we all live in does not need this drain on the tax payers money that could be better spent on education, transport and other needs of the nation.

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and that my friends is why many industries and investors are leaving the state. That money could have been better spent on infrastructures like water and public transport in the state.

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Check Australia, most of the criminals from here seem to turn up there.

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Sure Not. This paper is starting to look and sound more like a mouthpiece for the ruling party than an actual paper. Still no news on the impounded mega yacht?