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I say call em what they act like "Republican't's

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I Hope You Both feel better Renee. Actually Cola is better for upset stomach - the carmel and caffeine help to reconstitute you and your electrolytes. and why not make it Ritz Crackers Instead ;)

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Edi when the computer got trashed last year, I went through the harddrive and pulled what info I could from the
browser to determine what site stuck and caused the motherboard to fry. it was one of his clickfarms.
I should have hit him with a bill for the pc, but I am too nice sometimes and let shit go. I did report it to Cindy and she did nothing about it. this is right about the time I started not dropping on martin and he continued to drop on my sites regardless. he also dropped on all of us lastweek from a non widgeted account - HOW ?

ahhhhhhhhhhh maybe we\'ve found the fly in the ointment.

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staci what I want to know is why he isn\'t being sanctioned for luring droppers to his page by STILL DROPPING ?

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you are so right Ms. D. then things get quiet, somebody has to throw a baby out the window into traffic.
damn why ? why can\'t we all just blog and get along ? entrecard has finally drawn the hold card with me
and this is the only blog that is left in entrecard because I can\'t stand it anylonger. I tried to support them
throughout all the calamity and changes; yet we are last to be considered and first to be dissed.

that shit\'s don got old with me Ms.D and I\'m not sittin by waiting for somebody to do anymore damage to my reputation because I think rules and reality have to relate to eachother. Cindy says a whole lot of shit, what she does is a whole different pile of piss. yeah right, whatever entrecriminals

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Sheila you and I both have the same attitude. the toolbar makes it almost impossible to enjoy entrecard because
you get nothing but clickfarms; no blogs. that\'s why the drop lists are such a good idea. when you use your own
list that you know will provide you quality drops, why should you be penalized for it ? thats what the favorites are.

entrecard is schizophrenic and run by people who don\'t understand much about social networking, obviously.

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Ms Jude you are right there is just too much shit swirling leaving stains to really know what\'s going on for those who are just walking in on this crap. Martin is a shitstarter and he makes it a point of being accusatory instead of asking when he doesn\'t understand. I guess if you bully people all your life to get through, you never learn to play with others.

that is illustrated by his clickfarm approach to blogging.

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Paul I am also removing blogs from entrecard as well. Martin is a shitstarter where-ever he goes.
no doubt he spends so much time trying to cause controversy because that\'s the only way he can
get anyone to come to his clickfarms. there is no content that is worthy of a comment and yet he thinks
someone would Cheat using his site as reference. that\'s laughable at best. I\'m really hoping that he
gets the shit sued out of him and then we\'ll all know definatively that he was only a lil ass piece of rubbish.

I\'ll see you as much as I did before, because I visit YOUR Blog Not your widgets my friend. besides we have
already exchanged subscriptions and links months ago; which sealed the deal.

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Staci I am so damn tired of this type of generalized shit starting.
martin - corneyman is a helluva clickfarmer. who is he to acuse anyone
of doing anything. first off, lots of those blogs visit me too and they do comment
ocassionally. he never comments. he is a real shit starter. I remember the lil
shit he started when he joined cmf. it seems everywhere he goes, shit starts.

maybe it\'s really Martin who is the problem, instead of US Bloggers ?
I could care less if he thinks his statements will hurt anyone because you\'d have to be an
imbecile to understand that twisted crock he posted and actually got entrecard to
take as reality. I\'m tired and I know that the basis of this shit is pure bullshit.

I dont\' eat pork or beef so this is not on my plate. and honest as it should be said
Martin should think before he accuses anyone of anything; using his 2 day\'s of unscientific and uncertified testing. that alone is enough to make him need to get a job to pay for the slander suit.

I swear somepeople need to learn to handle theirs,

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I retweeted this simply because I just couldn't believe it. is he really that stupid ?
damnn he shoulda kept his mouth shut, cause he really ain't all that.