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As we're seeing in France with the huge backlash against those who seek to impose their religious values on others against the others will, these actions have repercussions

As an allegedly civilised and moderate country, I think I read that in Utusan (that's a joke for the hard of understanding) Malaysians should honour the constitution which includes:

Article 10 - Freedom of Speech for all (including the lunatics and cartoonists; even if they offend)

Article 11 - Freedom of Religion for all (including Shia muslims, jews, christian etc etc)

Article 8 - Equality for All

I'm sorry I disagree with the majority here, it's sad that this speech was stopped, not merely because I'm a passionate supporter of Human Rights but because constructive debate is how we strengthen society.

However, I do understand the point the detractors make that debate is now outlawed in Malaysia, especially when it comes to non-moslems and non BN exercising their constitutional rights.

If we're incapable of honouring our constitution or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to which Malaysia is a signatory because we've indoctrinated everyone to believe that any questions against one religion is wrong, but against all others is right society will regress, the evidence is all around us. Je suis Charlie.

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Where are our "moderate" leaders defending Islam and Human Rights and distancing Malaysia from the values of Islamic extremism or should we just accept Malaysia is no longer a country of moderation?

Freedom of speech is a human right which means there can be no right not to be offended; freedom of speech by definition guarantees offence to someone, so grow up, if one's only retort to an offence is violence and suppression of free speech, you're defending the indefensible.

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Expressing Shock and indignation is not enough; Islamic leaders must support Human Rights (including freedom of religion and freedom of speech) and denounce all forms of violence (including capital and corporal punishment) otherwise their words are meaningless.

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Satire hurts when it tells the truth

"We respect their religion and they must respect ours"

So why aren't Shia moslems given respect in Malaysia, or jews? Why are Hindu temples knocked down, permission for new churches denied and Buddhism suppressed.

However, this is not about religious freedom, this is about Freedom of speech which is the best weapon against extremism. Malaysia without such liberties is fast become an extreme state.

The satirical press in the free world lampoons everyone; without exception, politicians, bankers, racists, bigots, hypocrites and of course religions, that's all religions.

That is not an excuse to kill someone.

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Not a single leader in Malaysia has the guts to stand up and say they unequivocally support Human Rights, Equality and oppose all forms of discrimination and violence, sighting religious reasons to support their archaic bigotry.

So long as Malay leaders suppress freedom of religion and freedom of speech at home, oppose equality for all Malaysians, discriminate and support violence through capital and corporal punishment the kernel for extremism will remain at the heart of our society and the faint words of empathy to the families murdered by moslem terrorists meaningless.

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12 killed by Moslem extremists and not a word from Malaysia's leaders. Useless.

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Made me smile.

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Thank you for the four replies. Please note I am not defending 1MBD, which empitomises all that is wrong with Malaysia today. I completely empathise with the comments made. I'm simply stating that as an individual Arul is the sort of person you'd want to turn this disaster around. The debate on the word "default" is one of semantics. I would agree with the view held here that to default is to fail to meet one's obligations, by this definition 1MBD has unquestionably defaulted. However in banking parlance 1MBD has not defaulted, because that means it has failed to repay a loan. Since the repayment terms were changed and the repayment date changed what Arul said is also true.

Like so many UMNO linked companies the problem is one of atrocious communication and deliberate obfuscation.

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Arul is one of the most outstanding young Malaysian's of his generation, a brilliant mind, diligent, hard working, liberal, apolitical and squeaky clean having lived abroad for half his life as a top financier. He's exactly the right man to take over this disaster, if anyone can turn 1MBD around it is him.

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Well done Anthony on addressing a subject many like to hide from.

However, it would have been fairer for you to factually state that "unsafe sex" is a major cause of the spread of HIV; rather than making a discriminatory statement that it is spread through "irresponsible sex" as that's not totally true.

Malaysia, surprisingly, has good post infection care for people who live with HIV. However it has a lamentable record when it comes to educating people to the dangers of HIV. Your stand that both drugs and sex are considered bad habits and immoral in our society is both true and absurd, as everyone in the country was born after their biological parents had unsafe sex in a manner many would consider thoroughly irresponsible.

Please do a follow up article trying to break down the prejudice and discrimination which exists around HIV to educate our young people to the risks and to the older people to open up their hearts and minds to allow the young to be educated.