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I got strongly reminded of It's a Dangerous Business Going Out Your Door from the point where Discord mentioned the flower and onwards. Not in the exact same way, but the similarities were huge.

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Someone called?

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This is a really odd update time, why? And I'm wondering if Uniformity is any good, any opinions?

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You would think he gets that when it's an issue Pinke or Fluttershy didn't say anything for an episode.

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Change the name and Nintendo can say very little about the entire game. You can't copyright a layout for a game, in any way. I believe there are several other 4v4 fighting games with similar game play to SSB that came both before and after. From my knowledge Eternal Darkness is the only game who copyrighted game play mechanics, but it's a special case there.

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"Story: Hard Reset (Update - Sequel 2 Part 4!)"

means that the story had a sequel that updated (or in this case the second sequel). Sequels to stories that once got on here use the same post, and update under their originals name, in this case Hard Reset even though You Can Fight Fate updated.

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When you get past A stitch In Time, even the shipping becomes a plot device for more problems. I'm not one to read shipping either, but I can't find myself to stop it now.

Besides the shipping is only relevant for two or three chapters beside the occasional mention. You should try giving it a shot.

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Brb making game.

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My only annoyance is the lack of distinct ending to each segment. The header segments are divided fine but within them you kind of have to guess where one submission end and the next one start. Adding something at the end of each would make it a bit clearer.

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Two songs spotlighted in two days? From someone who just started out?

That's impressive.