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You are the Dread Pirate Mynxee and will always be! ;) Thank *you* for all the fish, I would like you to know how much your advise and inspiration meant to me, from facing the game, though blogging and then in some other unseen ways. All the best to you and a big hug! So long,


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Hi Shae, it is good to see you back! I was wondering where you may have gone... I have not been around lots myself but, hey, I keep reading.

I think it is a wonderful world out there and that it is sad to see world-shapers like content and community go away. Hopefully, in time, things will be right.

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Ha! I think I have been telling people exactly that, myself... "so we will be able to walk down on a bar, meet you xbox jockeys and hire you to blow someone else's stuff up on a planet."

I love that pic. Looks like a Shae :) , especially with the dreads!

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Yay, cool! Characters look far less cartoonish now, and it seems to me like one could pull off expressions. You have this 'boss lady' look about you in that pic... serene, thoughtful, severe if necessary. Nice.

I need to get on Sisi to try this myself :)

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Maybe because of the money? I mean, I do not know how it is for pirates but in high-sec we pay a pilot license to CONCORD. I pay for mine in local money but it runs into hundreds of millions of ISK, which is more money than regular people will see in a lifetime. Once. Every. Month.

I just guess that the good, hard-working CONCORD people, after paying the rent on their nice offices with actual living plants, swimming pools and private gates, are likely to lend an ear (a really big ear) to the people that make all those nice things possible. Sooo, I would be willing to bet it was a capsuleer who suggested that podding is bad.

I am sure they will listen to you with a lot more attention than to any law-abiding muggle out there. Maybe they would pretend not to, but they would still listen. Money talks.

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That the system is stacked against the Little People should be no surprise; it has been that way forever. How many people do you kill on a ship, how many lives you crush, how many families you break? It's sad and it's horrible. And it is punished.

I may be cynical but I think the Capsuleer lobby has a lot of sway in how the system works, and may be actually responsible for absurd penalties on PvP. It is not CONCORD's fault, it's ours.

((OOC: Oooh, I am so on board with your post, lots of IC ideas!))

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Very nice post! I love hearing stories about people's families, you understand where they come from and why they are the way they are. It is good to hear you keep in touch with them.

Is there such thing as normal, anyway? :)

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I love your blog -even if I am not really into piracy- and I am happy to hear that it is just a slow time. Because pirates sail with the tide, right?