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There will hopefully be a printing in the future now that it is finished. Be sure to check regularly for updates. Because of the size of the fic a large scale printing run will be a massive undertaking and will likely only happen once.

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It's not publishing, just printing. Has nothing to do with selling because no profit is being made. That would be illegal. The reason they do group printing like this is to cut down on the cost of having it printed. There is a lot of time and effort involved in these projects and they have to be planned out long in advance. If there is enough interest in future projects and the team is willing then they will probable do more printing.
Heroes and PH aren't finished yet so it will probable be next year at the earliest before we see any plans for printing those. Really hoping they do print those and MN7 :)

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Got mine today, thanks :)

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I voted for Hats.
Needs more hats.

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My CM, or at least the best I could come up with so far. http://quinn13.deviantart.com/art/OC-CM-306359090...

Internet cookie for anyone who gets it.

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Giving would be nice but not sure how likely. Discount is very probable. Depends on how close they get if the don't make the $725,000 mark. Also don't think there is a way to track brony donations.

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$251,170 to go on the Skullgirls campaign. It still looks like it will be close. Most of the funds are going to come from the SG fans and fans of fighting games in general, but the Brony community could be the difference in almost making the goal and making it.
So far there have been over 1200 people who have donated seen the post Friday night. Not sure how many Bronies have donated but i'm sure there is a good number and more that will before its over.

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As of right now, still need about $318,704. There are 14,000-21,000 bronies that vote on the polls on EQ Daily. That's about 15-23 dollars from each person to reach the goal in 12 days. That would be all it would take to reach the goal if the only people to donate over the next 12 days are from this site. Counting the other people that will likely be donating outside of this site and the MLP fandom, it would be very easy to reach the 725,000 mark.

And this isn't just about ponies, it's about the ideals of the show and the community that has been build around them. Mane6 is a part of this community, having made what would have been one of, if not the most the most popular game, in the fandom. I don't intend to stop supporting the dev team just because Hasbro says "no ponies for you". I have never been a big fan of fighter-style games but I want to see this one reach it's full potential and will do everything I can to help them get there.