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That is some scary (buy some apples!) right there...

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In one Universe, I will agree - and that Universe is the "Batman Brave and the Bold" universe. Best Aquaman ever!

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Link to the Past was better, SNES 4 LIFE!!!!!

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The re-release on the 3DS is far superior and easier to find. That said, if you have to emulate it, the N64 version plays well enough, just looks a bit on the ugly side.

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There's a pin you can remove from the "toaster" style Nintendo's lockout chip that will let you disable the regional lockout. You just need a phillips head screwdriver and a dremel. Look up "disable 3193 chip" on google

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53 is the number on Herbie the Lovebug's hood, don't you remember?!?!

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That was stunning...
Sure source filmmaker and the pony models have some limitations, but I am seriously impressed all the same. I guess if I could nitpick a bit, I'd say the animations need to be a bit less "smooth" and a bit more "elastic" when the ponies are supposed to be moving very quickly.

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Well the ponies DO enslave other sentient beings (cows and sheep), so I'd say they're already on the fast track to colonial America!

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Mane 6's story is incredibly inspiring to me. What it shows is that they have the drive and creativity to work on an original IP, directly inspired by My Little Ponies, and I can't help but feel the spirit of the project is the VERY SAME as the one that they started Fighting Is Magic with. Granted its does make it only peripherally related, but I, for one, want to see this story to its conclusion, right here on EQD, because this is where it all began.

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Really would like these designs more if they just picked some human fleshtones. Even if they wussed out and just made them all caucasian it would look better than trying to match the coat color as their skin colors...