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"I am a Christian, and it is my humble opinion that it is because people like yourself that prevent people from even wanting to hear what we have to say. YOU DO NOT JUDGE, THAT IS GOD's PLACE and NOT YOURS!!!!!! We all have shortfalls, even you holier than thou Christians.. " Are you a Christian? It's hard for me to believe, as nasty as your tone is. People don't hear the message of the Gospel because they don't want to. They would have to change their behavior if they did.I think you ought to check your own heart, because you are neither humble nor loving. And as far as judgement goes- giving a fellow Christian a smack-down in public AND refering to other Christians as holier than thou disregards how God has told us to treat one another. Nice. You need to brush up on your Bible reading.

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If you don't like the public expression of other people's faith, look the other way, and put your fingers in your ears. I don't have any desire to stop you. It is you that is trying to ram your beliefs down our throats. You stereotype Christians, but in reality you probably don't even know any. In truth atheism is prideful, haughty, and arrogant because it refuses to believe that there is anything higher than man. I would say that would make YOU arrogant, haughty and prideful. I would much rather be a "holier than thou" Christian- as you have stereotyped us, than an arrogant individual such as yourself.

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You seem very bitter and hell bent on insulting people who believe in God. I believe that you have a much higher opinion of yourself than most Christians have of themselves, because Christians know that as human beings we are all flawed and need God's forgiveness. It is you atheists that are trying to shut Christians up so your "rights" aren't trampled upon- in reality atheists for the most part must think that they are better than those who believe in God, because your so-called rights are obviously far more important than ours. You don't want God mentioned in public. Kids can't even sing Christmas carols in school anymore so that your "rights" aren't trampled upon. What about the right to worship God in any way you choose, or to not worship at all? I don't know any Christian who wants to take your right to disbelieve away- we just think it's sad that you are so bound up in your disbelief that you are condemning yourself to hell.

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The greatest blind faith is the faith of the atheist- he has no proof whatsoever that there is no God but insists that God doesn't exist. In truth, it takes more faith to be an atheist than to believe in God because atheism has absolutely no logical basis. To say that something (all things that exist) came from nothing is about as irrational as you can get. It is also arrogant to think that there are no life forms that are higher than human beings. Do we know all there is to know? Can we do all things? When you can create something out of nothing yourself, then you will be the most famous person on earth, because you will have done what is impossible for a human being to do. Until that day, you have no proof that there is no God. And Intelligent Design points to the logical conclusion that all things that exist were created, because they are far too complex to have just accidentally come into existence. That makes sense, but your humanistic pride probably won't allow you to accept that.

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You are right- it's not just this administration- BUT Obama is fast-fowarding the evil agenda of the so-called government. Our entire government needs to be gutted and cleaned- there are too many corrupt individuals in high places. They need to be removed and a " new" government needs to be put in place based on the Constitution with some new laws to help keep the current corrupt practices from being repeated. Politicians should be upright keepers of the law- and law breakers and tax evaders should be prohibited from holding a public office. They should not be allowed to use taxpayer money for their own purposes, or take money for anything or from anyone pertaining to their office, just like those of us in the private sector. Lobbyists should be outlawed, and the federal government's function should be to protect the people of this nation- not rob them and their great-grandchildren who haven't even been born yet. Of course all of this will most likely lead to a civil war. And that's exactly why they want to take people's guns away. To make them unable to defend themselves. We all need to wake up and smell the coffee before it's too late.

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Wow, you are a jerk dude!

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What I don't respect is a man who is so stone cold hard that they CAN'T cry. Crying is human, a hard heart is not.

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I don't have a problem with liberals, as long as they don't try to force their beliefs down my throat. I don't expect you to embrace my belief system either. As long as your beliefs are affecting no one but you- that's your business. We are all Americans, and if you want the freedom that IS America- then we had darn well bury the hatchet and work together to take this country back from the zealots who have hijacked our government. These people aren't liberals- they are BEASTS that want to bankrupt everyone and take control of everything. If we don't work together to get rid of the majority of the politicians who are stealing our money for their own benefit, and plan to make slaves of the masses- it won't matter what your values are. You will be controlled by these monsters who intend to OWN ALL OF US.

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Perhaps it has something to do with the old early American "Don't tread on me " symbol?

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Simply stating that someone will be surprised on judgement day isn't a judgement. it's a matter of fact, and one that would be wise to heed.