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Deciding voter intent is a load of crap anyways. If the computer didn't count them I don't think we should by hand. I don't know about you guys But I Never heard of an error on a scantron or at least it never happened to me.
Beyond that I think it's injustice for the senate to have power to decide if someone can or can not be seated with them. If they fairly win an election, they have the right to sit there.

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Well How could it seem as bad as it might have been? He hasn't Done anything yet?! All he's done is appoint people to his staff.
From what I do know of him, I don't like, and like i said and He's said I also expect a tax hike, and bigger govt. I'm not too sure about cutting military though. I know he's said that he's going to, but How is it cutting military by setting a time line to bring a brigade out of Iraq, but then in the pres debates basically said he's sending two brigades out?
But then again when I try to think why he would say one thing and do the other, I honestly think that he is trying to make us look weak to the world by saying he's cutting military, Only to bait an attack. Thus warranting more of his radical change and giving himself more power to do what he wants with. Wow From reading these it sounds like i'm just a believer in conspiracies. . . But i'm going off of what I know. He is a smart man, He's used whatever means possible to him to get to where he's at now. He's Aggressive, and I don't think he's going to stop until he gets an America that won't make him burn the flag.

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I have no point, I just think he's a Tool. I am also anxious to see what the difference between the first count and this one will be.

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Well, I'm glad to see that you can speak for the America as a whole as to what kind of "change" we wanted. We were forced into that change with President Bush leaving office. So What your saying is that President elect Obama was only promising to get rid of the current cabinet? Do you honestly think that any of the other cabinets could have even rationalized keeping them with their approval ratings? I don't think America wanted to get rid of their current party, I just think they didn't like McCain.

How could I have any expectations for a man that the american people know relatively nothing about. It was a shot in the dark to elect him. I have yet to hear an Idea, or Proposition from him that has made fiscal sense. On top of this I know he has relatively no morals, because he want's to Allow Partial birth abortions.

I do Like the fact that You think America's only criteria for Obamas campaign is to not have anyone from the current administration or a republican. It sure makes it easy to say Man he's doing a good job. Next time anyone brings up anything bad about Obama just remember that he's already fulfilled all of Americas Plans for his presidency, then you can slam your head on the table, drink two forty's, huff some glue, and pass out. In the morning all you'll probably remember is that Obama has already fulfilled your wildest dreams. . .Getting rid of an administration forced out by term limits.

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Here is what I want to know. How does President elect Obama justify "Change" when he's putting all of the "Oh so Familiar" faces in his presidential cabinet?

Sen. Clinton is not the right person for the job. I think that we've all seen how much the two of them get along. In my opinion I think that Obama want's to give her this position just so he can show his dominance over her. This way she answers directly to him, so that he can keep somewhat of a tab on her. Even more so I think in about a year or two he will screw up something just enough to take her out of politics and put the blame onto her. I think he's the kind of ruthless politician that would do such a thing.

and I also do not know much about Governor Napolitano.

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Yes, Pirates have been in the mainstream news lately, but this is nothing new. Not according to the history channel anyways. A few weeks I saw a program that talked about pirate history, in which they talked about the reinvestment of pirates in the last 5-10 years. It was quite interesting. I'll have to try to remember what they called it and look it up- But basically it's becoming a major issue.
The Problem is most ships don't hire any sort of defense and when they're out in international waters pirates are pretty much free to do what they please. Armed with high tech weapons, and Versatile Boats they have no problem catching up to these large vessels and can usually take them over with relative ease.

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Al Franken is a Tool.