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Dont even care about ratings or the Neg !!!!! i care about truth and justice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I had girl friends just like you in the 80,s/90,s My mother lived 17 houses down from you and your hubbie on thurston ave in olympia :) i bet its you girl ! you might fool the average smuck and im not even a Judge , but Oh well if not you should look and this persons handy work with that poor guy DEAD !! On a remote alaska trail in a ski coat and the letter he gave to his parents warning about the girl he had alot feelings for and she set him up and that if some bad thing would happen to LOOK AT HER !!!!!! and her clonies for a set up and hit on him SICK ***kers !!!!!!! The judge should be beaten in public with a stick in public and **ssed on for letting her OUT !!!! If this was a BLack Women there would be no case / story/ Publicity !!!!! Send Her BACK TO JAIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If you know her story ? Most have forgotten This no good gold digger !!!!!! Told her husband that she would not marry until he graduated with dagree , Piss on her and for that matter the only thing i really care about is that there child has a mother that is B.S Artist that has over ther years persuaded some men to do for her what she wants to her advantage !! she is a sick piece there is a dead man six feet under cuase of her and her lies and some panty ass judge sets her free OH Please !!!!! she probably gave him some goodies behind closed doors !!!!!!!! She should stay in and serve her time she is garbage !!!!!!!!!!! Please dont correct spelling you get my point !

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I will say it !! I have lived in seattle my whole life , Have had ups and downs good times and bad i learned along time ago life is what you make it !! the people that continue to protest i agree with ! but for heaven sakes dont you have a responsibilty to help the cause and go to work ? ****in A and not cry all the time about the coorperate smucks!! They are nerver going away you would make better time trying to get ahead instead of crying all of the time it will never change ! or you are all hung up on the rules of this game we call life if you are you will go nowhere except to moms house so she or him can take care of your **S !! grow up and step up life is a challenge , Not for the weak !!

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If it was up to me ! A person will not be able to buy or carry a gun unless they have a clean record and a ccp , and undergo firearms training at there exspense ! That being said there is a double edged sword here it is our constition which i completely support that being said , the people who obey the rules and obey the law are looked upon as the problem NO WE ARE NOT THE PROBLEM !!! It is the Justice system , These low life punks start out small as kids then get older and then get guns that are on the street not on record and cuase dammage it will never end Sorry !! Good people should arm themselves !! If you think for one minute you could protect yourself in downtown or in the woods or anywhere with words or threats or what you are completeley nieve and you get what you have comming ! Myself i was raised by WWII Men and nothing is nieve me my women and my duaghter allways know were our life protection is kept weather with us on a daily baises or in the home, some of you out there are very very nieve and stupid we dont live in maybarry or happy days ? FOOLS !

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I grew up at 3505 densmore ave n two blocks from the old long concrete wall that was the notification at the park. My family moved into our house just before it was transformed into a park , my dad took many photos of the place when we took our dog coco to run in the evening . Through the years me and the neighborhood buds all swam theree just off the wall at the base of the sundial hill , Many crawdads down there good eats , a police helicopter we saw crash at the old police harbor patrol . We would swim all summer long from there to ivars, we found grave stones , brass instraments , wheel chairs as from the looks they say 1977 about they were from the 20,s 0r 30,s, It was agreat time for me and my friends sometimes spooky but allways cool, As you see the water is fresh and very clear with no mask , with a mask it was a nikolodeon down there we would venture about 16 feet deep as 12 year olds. :) I am comepletly thrilled about the venture good hunting :)

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With the tecno we have today ! There is no reason some well known seatlle street person should be killed by law enforcement If not armed with a gun that does not respond to commands, For christ sake the guy had a pocket knife These police departments have at disposal stun guns and other nonleathel weapons to use, That being said if loud ferm commands were givin the guy should drop the weapon , If None of that happened and the police officer just let him have it without time to comply with commands the cop should go down very hard !!!!! , I dont know the police man but by his tone and his look that saw on TV witch i watch very little of, Says to me he is a very edgy almost shaking kind of fella . Iether way there is no way this indian carver man should have been blown away !!!

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OMG !!! The world gets more messed up everyday . Sadness, sickness, revenge, i wish there was a way to weed out people that grow up and do these kinds of things to others !!! Very sad I hope things will get better for this person and the Pond Scum that did this is done unto the same as he did to other humans !!!!!!!!! sorry I can be rotton too !!!

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He looks like Morice Gibb, Hey Hollywood !! You can run but you cant hide, I think Val realizes he,s in the danger zone LOL LOL LOL , Mabey his midget friend Tom Criuse can save his sweet little broadway **S