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Let me get this straight - in 2009 Bajardi acknowledges that his reputation has been "sullied". So how in the hell was he suing for damage to his reputation in 2012? Please, someone explain this to me. Or is this why the judge SLAPPED him with 275k?

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Be kind - she just makes shit up and likes to listen to the reverberations in her head from her incessant nattering about making sure she gets to keep on getting over.

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Or something about Mussolini getting the trains to run on time.

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Indie - not all of us are as manically myopic as you are about protecting your own. BTW, the last spiel you tried to pull about rent control being a consumer issue is hogwash. I ran that drivel by a lawyer and was advised the issue involves , not consumerism, but to what extent can the government take some one''s private property, without compensation, and divert it to a public purpose, i.e. subsidized housing. It grew out of the WWI price controls. And it has survived as a special interest issue ever since in larger urban areas - i.e. politicians pander to get votes. GA had a great idea - start your own rent control blog and then we can choose not to read it.

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Excellent post

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The moral equivalence idiocy that the Krimes continue to spew is bizarre. Saying that Russo got Hoboken parks is akin to saying that Mussolini got the trains to run on time. Forget the Russo history (all of them, including Castellano) sticking their hands in the municipal kitty, from Pa getting kickbacks on professional fees (per-incarceration) and stealing health benefits while Mikey was head of the Finance Committee (post incarceration), to Ma $% a tow, to Castellano and her infamous "It's been cleared up" statement regarding $800,000.00 in missing quarters that were stolen from the Parking Authority, to Mikey agreeing to take 15k for zoning variances. All of that is truly equal to the Mayor's husband kibitzing about how to get rid of a completely untrustworthy, inept and incompetent HHA director. Just look at the HUD audit issues. That's right - it is all the same to them. Morons.

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That has to be the most unfortunate picture that a journalist has ever allowed to float around on the internet. But it does embody the turtle turd's delusions - he thinks that he looks good, just like he thinks that he is a journalist. However he got here, through laziness, ineptitude, lack of intellect, or any combination of the foregoing, he has no access to anyone in Reform. At this point, he can only rely upon the half baked crumbs that are fed to him by the likes of that idiot tuna chum for the pathetic content of his column. It is common knowledge that the Disreporter is moving out of the Washington Street building, as it is up for sale. It also seems that the paper is up for grabs and there are not takers. That is no wonder, because, in 2015, it has no App, has no real internet presence, and as turtle turd whined, it only publishes once a week and the number of advertisers has fallen of a cliff and the Mason checkbook is now closed. That kitty litter liner has become irrelevant and powerless. So Al rages against the Mayor, her husband, Reform and "the Bloggers". It must suck to be Al. Where else is a washed up third rate aging pretend journalist going to get hired?

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Hey idiot - she left the firm in 2008 - seven effing years ago.

That was too easy to make a fool out of you. Keep trying to stump us.