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Where is Ali Tinju???? and his Red Shirts...

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It just shows how distant and away the government and these ministers are from the Rakyat...they are living in their own little wonderland.

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Firstly, if malaysian requires 2 job to meet rising cost...The government is in trouble.
Secondly, If working 10 hours in Malaysia is not enough to feed your family than you are underpaid and overworked.
Thirdly, The cause of the cost of living is mainly the government, hence the government must authorised Malaysian to be able to do 3 jobs of 3 hours each during the allocated 10 hours of work. Just like our Minister.

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I can name dozens of Malay restaurant and shops that cheats non-Malay customer. Do you want it by Area or Alphabetical order?

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Why she didn't complain about her uniform when she was working in Japan. Next thing these people want is to only touch Halal patient. Why become a nurse if it is not for the purpose of providing nursing care?

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With the passing of the NSC bill. The final nail is in the coffin. Sayonara to our rights and freedom. It will be ethnic cleansing via economies next. Just watch and suffer.

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Kena Sabo ni.

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Dark days...Just moments after meeting the US president and he has this marvellous idea given to him in a silver platter. It's worst than the American NSA 1947. There the armed forces representative is divided into Navy, Army and Air force. The police are not included as they act as counter balance and not under federal payroll. Here the dirty dozen wields absolute power.

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He don't need to buy...with the money he splash out he will get his Phd even if he submitted truckloads of crap and don't attend classes.

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Syiok sendiri.