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spend time together. That sure must be relaxing for everyone. Thanks for sharing.

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Enjoying interaction with other bloggers. Very true. People who relate to each other through writing, who may never meet up face to face but resonate on the net. This is what I like too. Thanks for all the follow. I would like to read from all your blogs as well.

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Thanks. I've been looking for some friend to spare some time, if possible to help test the new Forum created on the site to attract members, discussions, chats etc. I'm not sure how well is it seen by readers. So, without much pressure, if you can explore & kick start, I shall be really grateful.

Happy Holi :D

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Hi. Thanks for asking. Quite stressed even at the moment. Will need to get into a relaxed frame of mind and quite a bit of free time to really record things. Hope to be able to, some time soon :)

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Thanks very much for the comment.

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My connection had to be surrenderd while cahnging the job and I was cut off from bb for quite some time. I found it hard to live without one and have revived the connection. I find no other device/service beats it as far as e-mails are concerned!!

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Thanks very much. I was very keen when posting the article to share the presentation and other useful material. I am sure many readers would certainly want to read more.

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Ian, you convey such warmth. How I wish I get back to be with friends like you here. Thanks. Wish me some respite from the hustle of my job!

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@ Ian: Those who reflect a bit before they respond generally make deep impact in any meaningful conversation and you certainly seem to be such a person. True, every religion or faith requires its followers to contemplate and meditate on certain essential values and ideologies and people who follow their faith do introspect. Very grateful for reinforcing your appreciation.

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I did not face that problem with Tarot card-don't know why it took that long!. What did you think about the appropriateness of the results?