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Has anyone recorded and uploaded Sunset Shimmer's recap that showed before the movie?
If so, could you please provide a link?
The recap in the official YouTube channel is not a finished version.

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Nice way to celebrate the episode. :)
This will actually be the first time I listen to the songs in my own language (Portuguese).

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So I hope Portugal wins!
But good luck for USA all the same.

Looking forward to see the reference happening, if it's even real. :)

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It's official. The intro is much loved. Well done, DHX and Hasbro Studios.

What's Aquestria?

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I'm loving it, but for some reason I feel Seasons 1 to 3 are better. It's early to say that, though. I'll know for sure how I feel about it once I've digested the Big Picture revealed as the season reaches its finale.

I'm looking forward to see how the possible foreshadowing will become fact (or be confirmed to be just red herring :P), and I'm loving the way Season 4 is telling this huge story arc. And the arcs that seem to be forming around each character. Scootaloo, Rainbow, Twilight, Spike...

My Tumblr post has my main current thoughts on the season, so if you'd like to check it out, here's a link. :) http://tiagojmonteiro.tumblr.com/post/71156352014...

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But the moment still got to shine despite the spoiler, in my opinion, for two reasons. 1) She's hulking up, but making a proper speech about being nice to others at the same time ("What makes you think you're so special? Don't the rules of common courtesy apply to you?"), and 2) I was not expecting her to go all "sorry, guess I got carried away" at the end.

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I am SO there! :D
Free samples? Don't mind if I do!
One pretty good reason to get into the comics. :)

Just one question, is there a way to download the comic into my hard drive?

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I've made a podcast about Daring Don't. It's up there (between the meetups), and it's only 4:40, if you're looking for something quick to watch/listen to.

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Thank you EquestriaDaily, for these episode recaps. :)
Here's hoping for 66 more (or 79, if we do get another movie, and three "whole" seasons).

Twilight having to deal with the fact of suddenly being a human, and finding herself in a just as strange new place was definitely one of the best parts, especially for how it was delivered. Also, the music, of course, and the fact she and Spike had another adventure together. <3

I actually like the Mane 6' human designs a lot. I used to hate the idea, but now... And their facial expressions, especially the ones from Twilight, were a "delight" to watch. (haha)

"My greatest regret was the lack of a scene where she freaks out at the idea of storing hundreds of thousands of books on a tiny device that fits in your pocket. Golden opportunity missed!"
Yeah, usually she'd need a building to store them. ;) It would no doubt be a hilarious scene. XD

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LOVED this!
Favorite songs: A True, True Friend and Celestia's Ballad (just thinking about it brings those feels back).

Twilight receiving wings and becoming a princess was mind-blowing, and sometimes it still is, especially during one or other re-watch. Who knows how we'll look at it by the end of Season 4.

As the week progressed, I was in the edge of bursting as I tried to avoid spoilers, and couldn't wait a minute longer. One of the longest weeks ever.

I'll see you guys tomorrow, for a little bit more of Princess/Alicorn Twilight and, GASP, humans! With some very nice songs and a nicely built longer plot, imo, to add to it.