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Trying to 'trick' him too -- 'hope' that'll 'change' for keeps.

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They're fixing up the streets of downtown Baltimore right now for the inaugural Grand Prix this Fall -- Pits will be in front of the Camden Yards Warehouse. So cool to have races on city streets in the States...

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Reminds me more of the billboard-lined highway from Gilliam's Brazil.

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Well, if you define soft rock as Crowded House and A-Ha, then I can endure it. But if it's Air Supply, Bryan Adams, & Michael Bolton, then I have to run screaming from the mini-mart.

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Yeah, but these 'Soft Rock' hits hit a cultural niche where they were harmless enough to mainstream culture that they were adopted as a kind of corporate soundtrack for large sections of the country. You literally could not escape them because they were being piped in to many malls, mini-marts, and lobbies nationwide (not sure about the south & the heartland...). Top 40 radio was also still dominant, so you couldn't get away from them. I could usually avoid the MC Hammer pants.

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The worst thing about these 'songs' was how inescapable most of them were at their height. Billboard #1 hits, many of 'em -- you'd stop at a gas station and hear 2 or 3 of these as you walked past open cars, and then some other Bryan Adams hit would be playing in the mini-mart. Shrapnel's a good word.

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Just horrible....and inescapable, as I recall.

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Yeah, I do hate Built This City more, but I was concerned thematically with nominating it, because the lyrics of that tune seem to be claiming that the song is Rock and Roll, y'know? They didn't build the damn city on soft rock, right...? So I was concerned that miserable tune wouldn't pass lyrical muster with this tough crowd for a 'soft rock' contest.

But Andrew McCarthy oozes soft rock from every pore, so I figured I was safe nominating this one. And hell, it's a really shitty song, too. Droning on like an aged Grace Slick...sorry...

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Late, soft-rock era Starship always makes me cringe more than almost anything else, but tough to choose between this and 'Built This City on Rock and Roll' for worst of the worst...the video takes this one over the top with horrifying Andrew McCarthy clips from Mannequin.[youtube 0w5s6V8rQH4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0w5s6V8rQH4 youtube]

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Thank you for approval!

Terp fan fave: