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I've seen a few of these Starbomb music videos, are there any Starbomb songs that aren't just video game related dick jokes?

I mean, the tunes and melodies are catchy, but it seems like the Starbomb creative writing process goes something like "Hmm, now how can we take this popular video game, add music, and reference penises as often as possible?"

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I've only played the original Punch-out. Things are starting to make sense.

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*Cancels pre-order due to fear of titans*

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Geez, just give it a TM44.

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That's what I love about Monster Hunter. Defeating a monster isn't just what happens after you repetitively fight the same boss until you finally get it. You beat monsters by preparing before a fight. You know exactly what you're going to be fighting, and you need to plan accordingly. When you beat a monster, it feels like you did it with your own skill and preparation, which you did. And then you get the sweet, sweet carves from that monster.

This is also a game where there's 0 shame in looking things up online. Everyone does it. I usually make sure I beat a monster once before looking up weakness/drops online, but that's just me.

I heavily recommend it, but it's definitely not for everyone, and can be pretty relentless to beginners, and to Veterans who solo the game's highest rank (OH GOD IT'S SO HARD I HAVE 200 HOURS IN THIS SAVE FILE AND I STILL GET WRECKED).

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The demo is awful, by the way. Especially if we're talking about the 3DS demo. Honestly, I'd just look up videos of people playing multiplayer on Youtube for a more accurate depiction of what the game is like.

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XboxOne and PS4 just released, all I can think about is the Wii U I'll hopefully be getting sometime in December, and the copious amounts of Monster Hunter that will be played.

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Those things were part of my childhood man... I haven't thought about them in years. I think I can vaguely remember the names of a few of them.

Oh god now I have a huge craving to drive to Toys R' Us and stock up on Bionicles.

I am a college student I should not be thinking about Bionicles.

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That is the only attempt at mimicking Heavy's voice that actually comes close. Bravo.

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Ha. Espurr only serves to distract the public while the true Dark Lord rises.

Ä̫́͗̈ͪͥ̚ͅl͓ͦ̽̏̏l͕̫̹̝͚̯͔ͫ͆ͪ̂͒̈́͛ͮ ̲̘̭̞̪̄̒̇ͅH̺̙̺͔͒ä̤̺͓͔͖̘̉̐̀̈́͗͒̎ͅi̯̰̟̍̋͛͂̄̚l̳̲̰̙͎̻̙̏ͯͫ͋̈́͆ ͓̫̥̻͗ͦ͛̄ͬ̈́Ğ̱̼͍̉̔̾̈́ō̪̮͉̲̻̠̲̹̎̈́͂o̪ͥ̌ͫͨ͊m̜͂̄̽̓̽ͬy̗͑̿͒̍͑̆ͬ