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If I was a store owner I'd start making sure a few key people on staff had keys to lock the doors and implement a policy that once the crowd moves in, lock the doors, call the police and wait for the roundup...

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Killer show! I was hoping to get some VH or Sammy solo tunes but seeing them from Rocklahoma last weekend where they didn't play any, I figured that they wouldn't. Nonetheless they absolutely did not disappoint and succeeded in blowing the roof off the schnitz. Sammy as usual still sounds as fresh as he did 30 years ago. Randola got it right, fountain of youth. Amazing. Having Michael provide harmonies was the perfect compliment and Joe on the guitar? Come on! It doesn't really get any better than that.

Oh and thumbs up for Black Stone Cherry as well. I've started listening to them in the last few weeks, again, after seeing their Rocklahoma performance. They have some good tunes, I dig the singers voice and they put on a pretty good live show. Great pairing with Chickenfoot.

Very fortunate to be at one of the only 19 shows they're doing. Rock and roll at its finest! I took my 18 yr old daughter whom I've brought up on Rock and Roll and though she didn't know their music had a great time and couldn't stop talking about it on the way home. Good times.

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"A few of us took actions to prevent him from hurting anybody else," Hah love that. I bet those actions involved a swift beating...

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She needs to ROT in jail.

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They proved you could succeed without obscene, degrading lyrics. Lot's of good memories tied to their music as I was growing up. RIP Adam.

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The female mind is a mystery, let alone that of a teenager. It might be a twist on stockholm syndrome, that and the creepy MF'er has probably honed his grooming skills to be able to tell her exactly what she wants to hear. I am going to presume that there might be some issues with her and her family life as well.

I just watched the movie Trust which was about this exact scenario. If you can get through it, it's a great dramatic view into what really goes on out there. Scary, sad, and sickening.

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The smell of B.O. and patchouli must be overwhelming

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LMAO at his name

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It's called being a teenager. They're not exactly at the top of the list when it comes to making well thought out, rational, logical decisions nor listening to their peers. They know it all already and nothing anybody tells them is going to resonate, once they have their minds made up just sit back and watch the fireworks.

Case in point here. Despite how much her mother, her friends, likely her father, etc. told her this was a terribly bad idea she did it anyway.

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LMAO! Thanks for the laugh!