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I couldn't find the part where there is a call on the tree-phone. What line does that start?

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I have some pods, just the overwhelming majority of pods on my person are false pods.

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Just a picnic in the park, nothing unusual. Simply some Broodhollow citizens making use of their fine public fields to bring the kids out to play.

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Oh I love that! I normally just go to warped versions of schools I went to. They are just familiar enough that I can recreate them, but have enough locked doors, confusing halls, and experiences of actually getting lost that they get interesting... Architecture gets mixed around, stairs down where there was just a banister, long dark halls, unknown rooms... Its great.

Other times I go to more castle-like buildings, completely unfamiliar. Stone, grand, public buildings full of inspiration and exploration. I see them like I'm touring cathedrals in Europe. I wish I was a good enough architectural artist to recreate the stained glass-ceiling cathedral, the museum of warped space, or the recurring rose marble mall. The mall feels like I have really been there, I've visited it so often in dreams. I just file most dreams that include some grand yet dilapidated part of a mall into a wing, courtyard, or display at that mall... Actually, I remember taking the path home (that path has had a few dream visits and variations, now that I think about it) from behind my old high school in dream form and winding up at the mall.... Past a version of the gas station in a completely different direction from the path... The locations are connected!
What are your places? Since I've bored you with my imaginary and warped locales, I owe you! I love this type of thing.

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You what nights? This holiday needs a dictionary.

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Your welcome, its my pleasure ;)

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I understand now... Deep sea fish bioluminesce because the deep sea is so spooky! And lightning bugs are just cowards.

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That would make a good cell phone background...

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He could have used the needle on the back of the pin he just threw behind him ;)

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... How long has that been there?