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No such thing as "just" a story, any more than just an idea, or just a dream. Stories are what life is made of, and they're the only things worth crying over.

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"Because I could not stop for Death, he kindly stopped for me. The carriage held but just ourselves and Immortality."

Best sung to the GIlligan's Island theme song.

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No, no. We're BEING studied. Totally different. We are the math textbooks, the philosophical axioms, the laws of physics. We are the dissected frogs. It's tough work, but I for one am proud to do what I can.

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I'd be honoured to call myself your friend, for what it's worth. As I'm sure would countless others. The world is full of lonely people just waiting for a chance to be lonely together.

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I smile more, now. I think that's the biggest improvement a life can have. And it's thanks to all of you.

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The question has been answered! We can all go now.

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Hey! The first paragraph's dedicated to Trixie, too! Just, y'know, in spirit.

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Zebras are ponies too! I think.

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Change frightens me.

...The banner is cool, though.

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Cloud manipulation, no question. I would make cloud knickknacks, trinkets, gewgaws, bibelots, ornaments, trifles, baubles, gimcracks, curios, and... tchotchkes. Lots of tchotchkes. Also, possibly, a cloud house. Floors of nimbostratus, a roof of altocumulus, a bed of wispy cirrus. And a foundation built on love.