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Changing the Prime Minister would at least mean we would be rid of a secretive politician who has an propensity to U Turn

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The billion to the DUP really gave us some value this week.

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That's not the Party's plan, but does look like Theresa "Tell No One In The Cabinet" has been up to her tricks again.

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Thank goodness for the DUP, although one should take anything from EU "sources" with a pinch of salt there is the smell of appeasement in the air. The current PM has form is doing policy wheelies and one must always be concerned.

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One wonders why The Economist has to depend on so little experience for the Bagehot and Berlin roles? Is there a shortage of journalists?

It does explain the rather wittery style of recent editions

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Many in all types of venture avoid planning for the worst because they feel admitting the possibility somehow encourages it to happen. I belong to the group who believes that Plan B (or C or D etc) helps hone the achievement of Plan A. It certainly gives one a feeling of greater clarity and a degree of calmness. So far the EU has consistently not engaged, in part because it has to march in a 27 lockstep, in anything positive. That is surely a warning that they may not change and we ought therefore to have a viable Plan B. It will invigorate the negotiations no end.

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I had the good fortune to meet Sir Trevor when I briefly worked in Liverpool around the Baltic Triangle. He was a intelligent man who combined this with an ability to grasp how people felt. He boxed well above his weight.

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In the North-East I suspect she was helped by agriculture and fishery issues, and having Wee Nippy as First Minister for so long will have created a lot of voters ready to go elsewhere, but I fear that she's done as much as she can at present, and it is Labour who will benefit if the SNP falter even more.

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I hope this really didn't come as a shock to British officials as it ticks all the boxes for Dublin; that it ticks few from Britain is pretty much par for the course at this stage of the negotiation with various parties stating what they want irrespective of how it might play with the other party.

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As Chaucer would say "Have mercy on oure wo and oure distresse"