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Except...he never said that. Did anyone even bother to watch the video? Someone please ID where in it he says anything close to vets being unqualified to serve´╗┐ in Congress. What I did hear him say was that he honored his opponent's service but criticized the fact that in a decade since retiring from the military he hadn't been involved in his community and had not even bothered to vote. People tagging headlines on videos assuming most people won't actually watch to see what's really said. Sadly they're apparently right.

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When radio commentator Paul Harvey said exactly the same thing, the "patriot" and "freeper" blogs cheered!

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I am Catholic myself, and not one Catholic is forced to use birth control pills just because they are a covered item under an insurance plan. The insurance plan is part of the salary/benefits package, and one could just as easily argue that the Church should be able to keep its employees from using "the church's money" paid as their salary to buy things that are against church law.

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Electric cars run on power that comes from wind, solar, hydroelectric dams, nuclear, coal, natual gas...all that we have an abundance of in America. Yet Fox News (part Saudi owned) and the GOP (owned by big oil) want to do everything they can to keep us using oil that we buy from countries that hate America and then use our money to fund terrorism against us. Why do the Republicans hate America?

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11.Attempting to cut 1 billion dollars from Head Start. This would mean that over 200,000 kids would lose their spots in preschool.
12.Working on adding guidelines to delay implementation of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal, despite overwhelming support for its repeal.
13.Proposed a bill that would let a hospitalized pregnant woman die instead of having a life saving abortion, if she needed it.
14.Holding hearings into “radicalization” in the American Muslim community.
15.Attempted to cut money to Veterans.
16.1 married Republican congressman was found to be looking for women on craigslist.
17.Refused to compromise on a budget and are threatening a Government shutdown, which will put thousands of people out of work.
18.Made 2 responses to President Obama’s State of the Union Address. Neither of them offered any real solutions to create jobs.
19.Currently considering privatizing Medicare.
20.Voted to fund chemical contraception for wild horses, but voted to cut funding for contraception for human women.
21.Voted to continue spending millions of tax payer dollars to sponsor a NASCAR racecar.

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What the Republicans in Congress have wasted their time on:

1.Symbolically read the constitution, skipped parts of it, and also read part of the Declaration of Independence, while still claiming to be reading the constitution.
2. 2 Congressman swore themselves in by watching the swearing-in ceremony on TV, without actually attending. They later had to be sworn in again, and 2 of their votes were deemed invalid since they had not been properly sworn in.
3.“Symbolically” voted to repeal the healthcare bill. Spent hours debating it beforehand, even though they knew it was purely symbolic and would not become law.
4.Attempting to de-fund Global Warming research.
5.Attempting to defund healthcare, which is also mostly symbolic.
6.Proposed a budget that would cut billions of dollars in aid to the poor, the homeless, and women and children.
7.Extended the Patriot Act.
8.Attempted to cut all funding for Planned Parenthood and PBS.
9.Attempted to redefine rape to no longer include statutory rape, incest rape, or drugged rape.
10.Cut Pell Grants

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This pipeline goes from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico so the oil can be loaded on to tanker ships for the international market. Little if any of the oil would benefit the USA. According to presentations to investors, Gulf Coast refiners plan to refine the cheap Canadian crude supplied by the pipeline into diesel and other products for export to Europe and Latin America. Proceeds from these exports are earned tax-free.

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The Guardian is a mainstream newspaper that has been around since 1821...they supported Tony Blair for prime minister and supported the war in Iraq. But in the wacko world of the Breitbarters, they are unreliable, where tinfoil hat blogs ARE.

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I sent you the link....thgey get $70 billion dollars in subsidies over 10 years. And you call ME a moron. That's all the juvenile Breitbart people like to do...Lie and call people names.

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Indeed, oil companies are receiving $70 billion is subsidies, even though President Bush, who was an oil man, said that they are not needed once oil gets over $55 a bbl

My IQ is 155, thank you, and I have an engineering degree. You purposely misspell my name, and insult me. Trash is what you are.