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No, to convert her to what was very likely her ancester's faith -- peaceful, proud and pagan.

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Let us now have the secular brigade in India, the likes of Teesta Setalvad, Mallika Sarabhai, Nandita Das cry over this and make films, take out candle light vigils because secularism in India is threatened.

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"which ... means al-Qaeda is, at least geographically speaking, that much closer to a nuclear bomb" ...

And it's a little closer to India too, trying to complete what Mo. bin Qasim, Mo. Ghauri and Mahmud Ghaznavi failed to accomplish.

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As a practising Hindu, I second AlmightyIndian. If any Hindus in Britain are not okay with British cultural or state symbols, please return to your country of origin. I think this is just a ploy by muslim organisations to garner greater acceptability in Britain. Hindu leaders in Britain should understand that co-opting what seems like a muslim cause weakens their stand on jihadi terrorism.

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It's the same here in India. The only muslims who sometimes take out rallies against the Taliban are the beardless poets, film directors, so-called intellectuals and marxists who either don't know what islam or really is, or are too ashamed to admit it. We never see the tablighi types, the very people who have learnt islam from the koranic hate manual, denouncing the Taliban or Osama.

"Secular muslims" is an oxymoron. The Indian Urdu-language media always use the English word "secular", is it because secularism is so foreign a concept in islam?

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I wish all true muslims in India are watching and as this guy says, refrain from voting for our parliamentary elections this month ... let us have democracy for people who value democracy and not use it as a tool to usher in something as sinister as sharia.

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A woman in islam is just a baby-making-machine, babies that will push the frontiers of islam through jihad. Hindus constituted 10% of pakistan's population in 1947 and around 1% now ... their women were just stolen ...

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Slight digression: in India, Varun Gandhi, great-grandson of Nehru was arrested today for saying "I'll cut off hands that are raised to harm Hindus".

Finally, a politician who is not afraid to say what he thinks.

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A few months back the boyfriend of a muslim girl, who happened to be a Hindu, was attacked and set on fire. This incident never appeared in the mainstream press because it would undermine the peaceful image of islam that Indian "secularwallahs" want to project.

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"Spencer’s arguments, like those of Daniel Pipes, who spoke at Washington University in October, have the potential to stir up hatred and bigotry in others."

This is true of people who cannot think for themselves, and let themselves be led by their political, cultural and religious leaders; and whose core religious books allow hatred and bigotry to be stirred up so easily ... only one particular religion comes to mind immediately.