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Another "socially conservative" hypocrite falls, a victim of his own dishonesty and hubris.

If you are going to keep making it this easy for us, this election is going to get boring fast.

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Ah but I love America. And Americans are too good and smart, on average, to buy into that Tea Party hogwash for long. You managed to scare a few senior citizens to the polls. Even they are through with you. Twenty percent approval and falling. That's less than half of Obama's approval rating. Ouch.

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You need a better argument. OWS, as I understand the phenomenon, is against the structural impediments to upward mobility. They see the deck stacked toward the rich, which is probably accurate given all of the data showing income gains and wealth accruing toward the already wealthy. Low and middle income people have lagged farther and farther behind. Since Reagan, the country's Gini coefficient has shown increasing income disparity. That is a simple fact.

So, you see, it is not that OWS is anti-rich people. It is against a system that they believe is tilted against them. They want a fair shot.

All things equal, they might even prefer a candidate who was not in the 1%. They have a choice between Obama and a 1 percenter from the GOP. Of those two choices, Obama is the one fighting for progressivity in taxation, union rights, student loans and the issues that matter to them. So it would only be a hypocritical choice to a non-critical thinker.

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More like get back to my corner office, but nice try.

I accept Gallup's poll numbers. I only point out what they acknowledged in their own analysis. The comparison has limitations: Carter's approval was spiking because of a patriotic response to Iran. Compare those numbers in three months or six months and you things are likely to be different.

Low forties approval is not great. It's a danger zone for re-election. Which is entirely consistent with what I've argued since my first comment. Obama has at least a coin-toss chance of re-election. He has significant support with an electorate that is split about 50/50 dem-learning and republican leaning. The author of this Breitbart post implied, without facts, that Obama could only win if a small band of Communists somehow organized an electoral coup. That is nonsense. You probably dropped out of the same high school.

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Killing bin Laden. Rescuing the auto industry. Saving the economy from collapse. Toppling Qaddafi, and at low cost to the US. Ending Don't Ask Don't Tell and on and on.

For most of America -- including independents and moderate Republicans -- these are accomplishments. And Obama will be the one fighting for the average guy, while the GOP fights for the richest 1%. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Obama is on track to raise a billion dollars to make the case.

I have no doubt it will be a tough fight, but I like Obama's odds. The pendulum swung right in 2010 and it is swinging back left just in time for the 2012 election. Just look at the repeal of anti-union laws in Ohio and the Walker recall effort in Wisconsin.

Four more years of Obama and then a moderate Republican like Huntsman. That would be my guess.

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"All bets are off if they do"

Oh no. You aren't going to start dressing senior citizens like Betsy Ross and gather for Glenn Beck rallies, are you?

We're so worried.

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Wow are you stupid. If I say "a poll found x," that is a fact. If I say a poll found that people's opinions of the GOP are low, the poll finding is a fact. They are not rendering an opinion of people's opinions.

Congratulations. You are the stupidest rightwinger of the day. Probably the week.

Maybe your powdered wig is on too tight. LOL.

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Why did you ask the questions if your mind was never open to the answers?

Typical rightwinger, I suppose.

And where did Pew say there were only ten illegal aliens in the US? Please provide a link. Last release I saw from them estimated that illegal immigrants had leveled off at 11.2 million in 2010.

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Big deal. By Gallup's own admission, they are comparing a time period in which Carter saw a large bump in his approval rating at the beginning of the Iran hostage crisis. The American people rally behind the president at the beginning of conflicts. HW Bush, W Bush and Carter all saw spikes in approval followed by severe drop-offs.

Obama's approval rating in the low 40s gives him a decent if not great shot at winning re-election. Given the likely GOP alternatives, I like his odds. A lot will depend on the trajectory of the economy, the resolution of the Euro crisis, and whether the GOP continues to play into his hands by obstructing tax cuts and job creation. I think we can safely bank on the GOP continuing to screw up.

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Did you just call me a dirtbag while accusing me of vacuous ad hominems? LOL. What a hypocritical, self-unaware tool.

Did you just say I offered no facts after I offered 6 poll and other sources to make the case that Obama has at least a coin-toss chance of being re-elected?

Nice argument, clown shoes.