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Aw, I missed out on the dislike button :(

It feels like this site's gotten way more hugboxy since we switched to only upvotes

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Not applicable, as I still follow every music post, though at a delay due to real life. I have been incredibly behind on everything, so I may stop following the Music of the Day posts, though I'll still check out the Spotlights (I've found some great stuff in the former, though)


I've stopped following the Simple PMV posts mostly due to a lack of time. PMVs as a whole have lost their novelty for me, and we've lost some of our best creators, while those who remain have focused on material I don't find as interesting (Owl City, vocaloid). Some of the spotlit PMVs seem to be here solely due to their shipping content and not actual quality, which I don't care for. It'd be nice if they were in a separate post or added to Nightly Roundups instead


The quality's still good. Sauce hasn't turned me away (thanks again for hiding those behind links, by the way!). I'm not into OCs, but I'm not opposed to them either, and good art is always welcome. I don't care for anthro or humanized ponies, but it's OK if there's a few in a post. I'd probably stop following Drawfriends if they took over, though

I still follow comic posts, but at a delay due to real life. I just bookmark ongoing comics and read them when they're finished. Funny comics can sometimes have lower quality art, but good art doesn't make up for bad humor. I'm not opposed to the idea of jokeless comics, but have found most of them to be pretty bad


Keep that quality as high as you can! I'd be OK with that compilation idea, since I could easily ignore those. Just keep the good fics separate from the bad ones. M/M shipping seems pretty rare, though even groups dedicated to that don't have many good examples. Maybe there should be a contest for that to encourage higher quality. Only way I can think to make fanfic posts better would be to bring back star ratings

General EQD:

Your current level of TFH coverage works. I've been checking out less of the editorials and such due to lack of time. I think there's too much material from ABagOVicodin. Trixie's great and all, but she's not the best (that would be Pinkie). Oh, and I highly doubt this will happen, but I'd love a return to the tone of old EqD. It's gotten too hugboxy and feels censored, like you guys are trying not to step on anyone's toes

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Seth, you live in Arizona. Unless you're in Flagstaff or some shit, I don't wanna hear you complaining about the cold

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Level 2 was seriously the same pattern every friggin' time

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Y'all have awful taste. I thought Crusaders was one of the worst episodes this season (though the faces were great). I'm glad the girls finally got their marks, but it's a shame it had to be at the end of that shitfest

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"...from someone going by the name of Jack DC this time around."

Seth, Jack's been around for a few years now. You've posted his stuff before

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But I'd have to watch the second one first, and that's 2.4 hours I don't haaaaave!

Ugh, now I feel bad. I should get some time off around Christmas, so I'll probably watch them then and read your fic. Still gotta read The Clock is Ticking, too. That's been on my RIL bookshelf for ten months now

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No, but thanks anyway. I know how to find it if I ever decide to watch it

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Well, crap. I like the author's work, but still haven't seen Friendship Games (or Rainbow Rocks for that matter), so I'm not sure I should read this one

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I really hope I don't have to work Saturday. I'd only have time for the first part