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Holly I think you are doing an amazing job with the information that you are providing to women on this internet community!

As a teacher and someone who is getting ready to launch their own spiritual consulting business (partly on the web) I feel this is a great opportunity for women to connect.

If you would like to talk about where you would like this site to go and grow, I would be happy to contribute as this is one of my areas of interest and expertise. Email me at

Many blessings to you!

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VERY important information. As a H. Priestess that is involved with women's mysteries, I teach young girls about positive body image and women! This is so true when sexually pleasuring yourself and if you have partner. DO NOT FALL PREY TO THE IMAGES THAT THE AMERICAN MEDIA SATURATES US WITH, these are FALSE images, these women are bringing great harm to themselves and to their bodies by following the dictates of this culture. We are all beautiful no matter the size, shape or color. It all rests on what YOU THINK about YOU that will allow one to have a positive body image and positive self esteem. Love what you have and you will celebrate who YOU ARE. Others will follow!
One of the major keys to a healthy and vibrant sex life and love partner ship is to have a joyful, loving and positive love/sexual relationship with ones image in the mirror and with your self!

Take it one step at a time, if some healing from past wounds needs to take place seek therapy, either through traditional paths or more progressive ones such as a spiritual coach or counselor. You can do it !

Happy lives bring happy people!
P. shama

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I have to be honest I LOOVVVE GLASS DILDO'S!!!! Why? Well because they are easy to clean, they heat up to your body temp, which can be highly erotic, they come in all kinds of shapes, with knobs, with knubbs, with petals on the tip and they can hit every erogenous zone in and out of the vagina with ease. Another nice factor is that these babies don't have that nasty order like the jellies, cyber skin or acrylic dildo's! yuk! They glide like quick silver and are pleasurable to play with.

You still have to use some patience, a little bit of imagination for a solo ride but its rewarding! I can imagine with a partner it would be fun, so take a chance and step up your self pleasuring A game and purchase one of these babies, I promise you won't regret it.



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Hi Kat,
Don't know if this will help or not as you posted this 5 weeks ago. I just signed up so I will give it a shot!
Learning to pleasure your self is a journey not a destination, don't be hard on your self as you learn the fine details of your body and its natural responses to pleasure.
You mentioned that you are overweight, most of the female population are "over weight" so that is nothing to be depressed about, beauty comes in many sizes, colors and shapes. If you are "very" over weight, understand that this can cause you to have a low sex drive. If you need too think about consulting with your physician about going on a weight loss program, not only will it keep you healthy, it will boost your self esteem and give you a better body image. Also, if you are depressed about "a lot" of things, I would also seek some kind of professional assistance in gaining some balance into your life and your emotions as all of these things can cause a lowered sex drive, low self esteem, self image and become psychologically and spiritually damaging. Faking your moods, is not good because you are "hiding" and not living your truth. Seek help, find methods and ways to live your life authentically and HEAL. The rest will flow when it is time. loving your body, YOU will all come but healing is the most important thing you can do for yourself.

Good luck!