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Despite what comments I made at the time I really wasn't a fan of the idea. I tried giving it a chance with season 4, but after the first two episodes the show just went back to the formula from the previous three seasons making me think "Why does Twilight need to be an alicorn now?" The moment I heard about Twilight getting a castle in the finale I just quit watching right there without even finishing the season, they really didn't give me compelling enough reason for Twilight to be an alicorn throughout and whatever they did in the finale I'm certain, for me at least, it was too little to late to redeem Twilicorn.

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Ugh, two years since Magical Mystery Cure and the sight of Twilight with wings combined with her title still makes me want to vomit.

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I've recently thought of a arcade style beat-em-up. Perhaps done with the Power Ponies.

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I too don't really have pony themed dreams. But ponies have made small cameos in them however, for example the other night in a dream there was a guy wearing a blue shirt that had Rainbow Dash's cutie mark on it.

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"The show was designed to not be girly." To bad they forgot about it when they decided to make Twilight into a princess.

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I would find this neat but the presence of that ugly toy plugging castle ruins it for me (just like it did with the show itself)

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I picked 3DS because I think that is realistically the platform it would be released on in order to maximize profits. Sadly that would also mean if a pony game were to be on a mainstream console it would very likely be of shovelware quality.

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I don't care what they do because I'm not going to watch season 5 at all. Twilight's castle has officially killed the show for me.

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I think for some it's not confirmed until it's brought up in the show.

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I haven't really been paying much attention to this manga so quick question. Judging by that header picture does it mean that Twilight isn't an alicorn in this? If so: SAINTS BE PRAISED!!!

EDIT: It just occurred to me that the reason she's not an alicorn is probably because season 3 hasn't aired yet in japan (as far as I'm aware)...