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It's about 1hr 35min away for me till New Years, but I've already got my resolutions made.

1. Become a better writer. I've been writing for around 4 years now, near 5, and I want to make my works greater. Maybe... "maybe" I'll get a story on EQD, but I'm not holding my breath. It'd be even better if I could nail a story on the front page of FimFic, yet I'm not getting my hopes up on that one. Still, I do want to become a better writer.

2. Get my degree. I need to do this. Also, a small part of me wants to make it happen.

3. Stay in Shape. Stereotypical New Year resolution. Still, I want to keep myself healthy.

Here's to the hope this year to come doesn't turn out horrible.

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Just a heads up to others, Virtual Dub is a good piece of "free" software to use. It enables for video compression + some snipping of videos. I urge you to get the Xvid codec. You select it in the compression section and activate it, moving the slider to the appropriate setting. When L4D2 was big, I used Fraps to record videos and got huge 60gb to 120gb files since I used the free version. With Virtual Dub, these files shot down to around 20 to 40mb, np. The quality was superb as well. Just don't set the compression too high since you'll lose a good bit of quality. A rating of 4 to 8 is best with 10-12 being more than enough.

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Are writers welcome for streams, or would that be too boring? I don't art... well not too much.

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It would be nice if three little words could solve everything. "I am sorry."

It would be nice if three little words could fix everything. It would be nice if three little words could make everything better. No matter how many times those three words are used, it won't be alright. I have to say, this will be my second worse Xmas ever.

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I wouldn't mind streaming myself, but it would be rather boring. All I do is write words. I doubt anyone would want to sit there, listening to music while I type a bunch of words on screen.

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I'll boil down things I would change and make it simple. The finale is what irritated me the most, and there are two ways it could have gone better.

1. I hate to use the term, but have Twilight go "super" in a sense. While Starlight Glimmer is a powerful unicorn, you could have Twilight say that she is now beyond a unicorn. She could embrace her new side and the power of her friends. This power would transcend time, enabling her to defeat Starlight Glimmer and fix what she had done. The episode would end with Starlight Glimmer swearing revenge against Twilight Sparkle, but agreeing that time spells should be off limits.

2. Twilight has to be more cunning than Starlight Glimmer. She gets taken back to when everything started. Twilight then nudges the younger Starlight Glimmer to remain friends with the future Starlight Glimmer getting angry at Twilight for not listening to her speech, going back to reference the 2nd episode of the season. They go back to the future where everything is the same. Twilight goes through her books and realizes that Starlight Glimmer taught at Celestia's School for gifted unicorns.

Other than that, I don't know what else I would probably change. Maybe some more combos/crosses with the mane6 with the butt pagers. Maybe Rainbow Dash and Rarity, Applejack and Twilight, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy?

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I'll disagree on the Em/En dashes because they can add a definite amount of "look here" and interruption to text. Like all things, it becomes a problem when its overused, abused, and pasted everywhere like a person loading it into a shotgun and firing away to pepper their work with words to make it look "pretty."

Are we allowed to edit our stories? When I edit my stuff, it can add or take away words while shortening or lengthening the word count.

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I have to say, I'm disappointed I may not reach my 40k goal for the writing event, but the fact I've reached 27k so far, have tonight and tomorrow to finish it up, and I'm 3/4 the way through the epic story pleases me. Though my almost week long writer's block nearly killed me, I stuck with it. This will hopefully be a great conclusion to the continuous story I've kept up throughout S5.

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Heh heh... I'm kinda of working/finishing up a story for the NaNoWriMo thing. It's a bit of a dosy. I won't spoil what I'm writing, but something does happen in it. ;)