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They didn't miss ANY of that. You OBVIOUSLY didn't read the article and yet you feel informed enough to opine? "The so-called “free” government phones are courtesy of Lifelink, a federal program that was created during the Reagan administration to provide emergency land-line service for the poor and help them find jobs." It started with a cost of around 143 million and now it is over 1.7 BILLION a year and riddles with fraud. You don't have to be a "kook" to oppose that!

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What's REALLY sad is the complicity of Pharmacological companies and Government agencies that KNOW there is a connection between violence and many mood control drugs! It is a Multi-BILLION dollar industry so it gets protected and government tries all sorts of things that will NOT help the problem but WILL help them take control of good people. Can't stop prescribing drugs but we CAN take more guns away from regular people..

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What really gets me is how people keep pointing to the polls on what young people think! YEARS of Liberal indoctrination (oops, I mean Public School education) has produced kids who are on average, barely functionally literate, WOEFULLY uneducated in American History, the Constitution and math, who think they are VERY intelligent and anyone who doesn't hold the same opinions as them and votes anything other than Democrat is an ignorant dinosaur. Of COURSE young people are supporting gay marriage they've been CAREFULLY educated and molded to do so. These same people typically can't tell you what the 1st and 2nd Amendments mean and think "separation of church and state" is in the Constitution when it's not! When put to a vote gay marriage has failed almost EVERY time. IF public opinion is so solidly on the side of gay marriage then why do they have to try to force it on us through courts and legislation?

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I agree! That is why it almost makes me sick when I hear people saying that Democrats "are the party of the people", "care more for the poor" and the like!

IF they cared so much for working class and poor people they would expand ALL energy production and waive all gasoline and energy taxes to give people IMMEDIATE help they could see and feel.

They would also offer things like HSA's and even free education instead of lifelong and generational dependency on government programs.

I often wonder HOW they've managed to convince people that welfare and things like affirmative action prove they care and are not racist! The affirmative action quotas are specifically predicated on the idea that SOME people can't succeed on a level playing field they need the field "tilted" on their behalf to give them a chance....

The Conservative principle is get government out of the way and ALL men have a relatively equal chance.

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I fear you may be correct. That is ALL we need, for us to get caught running a story without checking it like the Left does! Confirmation bias anyone? EVEN if a story has the ring of truth or sounds right to you, you need to check it out to make sure it's true!

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One of the things that impressed me the most about Dr. Carson was his Scholars program. He and his wife have put their OWN money where their mouths are and have encouraged many others to volunteer time and money to help young students achieve and be rewarded for doing so.

THAT is what scares Liberals. Ideas that WORK and help set people FREE from government indentured servitude (paid slavery). Liberals CLAIM to want to help people but "oddly" their plans nearly always keep people right on the reservation and plantation or stuck in the socio-economic status their parents were in etc.

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Good article with typo in title. He PLED guilty and it should read "PLEADS guilty"..

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Hmm, I'm sorry but shouldn't all CHRISTIANS policy be to follow the BIBLE? The Bible CLEARLY teaches that self defense is acceptable as a God given right. No man, Church or government has the right to take away what they do not bestow....

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Pedophiles are just the TIP of the iceberg. The Catholic "Church" teaches MANY things contrary to scripture. The USED to allow the priests to marry but wanted the money that would be spent on the priests families. The Bible CLEARLY teaches that to forbid someone from marriage is a 'doctrine of devils" in1 Timothy 4:3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

Add to this the KNOWING acceptance of openly Gay Clergy, sometimes called the Velvet Mafia, known deviancy and encouraged masturbation in many seminaries and it becomes clear that true commitment to the Lord isn't really being demanded or expected...

There are many good and loyal Christians who are "Catholic" but I don't consider the Catholic church to be Christian, strictly speaking.