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wow. this takes it to a whole new level. This is current and still happening? I hope the judge lets both sides get to the bottom of this and tell what all is going on there.

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I agree. That said, my question remains.

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The questions are actually much broader in scope. For example, what do we do with murderers, arsonists, assaulters, bank robbers, etc. after they have served their time? Do we integrate them back into Judaism or say goodbye to their souls? Do we let them into our shuls? Our organizations? Or just shun them out of Judaism? What is the balance if any?

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Obviously, as in all cases, things are happening that you just are not aware of. Keeping something front and forward is how you get things done in life. The Forward is not an institution, that would be YU. The Forward is in a different field. That would be journalism and that's what journalists do.

One last thing the Forward only shines the light it’s the institutions that color it bad.

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PS. for all you lawyers out there SOL isn't so simple anymore. It's a new day in the court system and they are not inclined to allow cover ups, lies, stalling, and SOL from getting in the way of justice. Many SOL cases have now been deemed outdated themselves. Thousands of cases for plaintiffs’ attorneys to scour.

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It's painfully clear at this point that YU is in a no win situation. They should be in the thought mode of limiting their damages rather than pleading stupidity and thinking this will disappear. It will never go away until it's settled, that’s life. YU needs to come to terms with this. They need therapy; I believe its called cognitive dissonance, which by the way has a very useful and proven therapy.

Obviously they are getting some very bad legal counsel. This approach of hiding behind lawyers is a looser. Ask the Church. What their attorney’s should be considering is how to acknowledge, settle, and move on. The longer they perpetuate their mistakes the more it will hurt the school.

Do the right thing in the eyes of Hashem and then move on to make this institution a beacon of light for the world to follow, as it was first envisioned by the Rav.

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Why does Israel need to free anyone? If the arabs don't want to talk peace w/o this then let's not talk peace. Nothing will come of it anyway. We free and get nothing in return. How often do we need to do this. It doesn't work. They are expert killers. It's what they do for a living. They aren't ending their careers at the age of 25! Israel gains nothing but looses everything, no sense. Perhaps the arabs should give Israel something to come to the table. We do have the upper hand. Use it!

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Why did it take three weeks? Couldn't children have been hurt in the interim? Why do synagogue’s think setting up yet another ghost committee will solve anything (and that is why it took three weeks for a response from our moral leader?)
Now it's being reported that we have yet another prominent member of BRS as an accused child molester. A lawsuit has been filed but this person isn't leaving, actually he is being given advice from R. Goldberg on how to get through this. Don’t get it!
Since I can't be around my kids 24/7 we have decided that it's time to leave. This is not a grave concern to the rabbi but it is to me and mine.
We also have a transgender pill mill doctor (served time) and another pill mill doc who is being sentenced next month to a federal prison. They might actually have enough for a main, stiebel, and haskoma minyan in that jail!
Something is odd here and the shul is not on the up and up.

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I've been trying to tell the shleps he is making an absolute dink of himself, but because he is a dink he keeps going. Best advice ignore people who have no concept of linear thought. According to some stupid logic he might understand...You are obviously a child molester yourself.

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6." The accuser didn't go to the police", perhaps the mind is not wide enough o foresee 50 answers to that one (so 1980's of you). Everyone understands this but you apparently. Ask your friends if you don't want to be too embarrassed.__7 ".Rabbis do not have task forces to investigate misconduct." How true BUT THE POLICE DO! That is exactly the problem here Loshon. It is not his job other than to report this to police, etc. and get the monsters away from you son. There are thousands of children that live in this very insular community.__8. If your child comes home telling you the Rabbi put his hands on my butt Halacha again requires you to "dan l'caf z'cus of the abused. Call the police! Just makes sense since the probability that it didn't happen is about zero. On top...what does that say about your parenting skills? __If the parents don't want to love, and by that I am also including protect, their young then, please give them to a good family. Tell those kids that others out here do care about their lives. __Protect your children, please.__