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I almost didn't read her novel because I hated the entire concept of That Book so much, but I'm glad I overcame my prejudice because I really loved the Signature of All Things. The funny thing is that I only finally read her novel because someone else told me that they had the exact same experience. Apparently we are legion.

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I have a couple mugs that I got from Quick (the fast food chain) in Paris that have the Central Perk logo on them and were part of a Friends themed give away. There was one for each cast member, and they all had coffee-themed puns on each character's name. The only one I can remember now was Monica Mochachino, and the internet has no idea what I'm am talking about or else I would link to them. So yeah, the French love Friends.

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Between Wikipedia plot summaries and the movie trailers feature on Hulu, I have been able to stay up to date on all the latest movies (for small talk purposes) while still keeping all my free time for things I actually enjoy.

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Since we are all on the topic of cutting off fingers, I'd like to make a What to do With Your Cut Off Finger PSA. DO NOT put your cut off finger on ice, which can lead to it getting frost bite, and rendering it un-attachable in the ER. What you want to do is gently rinse off your finger, wrap it in moist, sterile (or at least as clean as possible) gauze, and seal it in a plastic bag. You then place that bag in another baggie of ice water. That will keep you finger cool, but not frozen, while minimizing bacterial growth. And now you know.

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My embarrassing NOS4A2 story: I had no idea what the title was supposed to spell out, I just remember seeing it at the library and literally thinking "license plate title, looks interesting". It wasn't until I brought the book home that my husband pointed out that it was supposed to spell out Nosferatu.

I also had no idea that Joe Hill was Stephen King's son until I read this thread.