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Hmm, for the first one I can't help but wonder what sort disastor would unfold if the spell were used on Pinkie; if thought manifestation magic could cause so much trouble with Rarity, can you imagine what it would do with a Pony whose mind shifts around rapidly?

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Well this was a fun episode, and I really enjoyed it (my one complaint being that it probably would have been better if Spike had used his fire to send the book back to Celestia, rather than eating it)

This also marks the first time we've seen Rarity and Sweetie Belle's father without his hat and their mother's cutie mark in the show itself (though the guide book revealed both a year ago), speaking of which it seems Rarity didn't inherit her mother's metabolism considering that she was able to eat several cartons of ice cream with no side effects (that or magic is draining enough that using it to eat out of a heavy container burns off whatever you're eating)

And speaking of pony parents, does anyone else think that the puppeteer could be Snips' father? The two do look very similar

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Well the next best thing already exits, quite a few of the voice Actors and Actresses from My Little Pony also provided voices for the English dub of Hamtaro (I sort of wish that Rarity had named one of the Hamsters Pashmina and given it a pink scarf as a nod to the Hamtaro character Tabitha St German voiced)

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Hmm, I really like the interactions between Applejack and Rarity; their relationship has probably progressed the most over the series and it's always fun to see how their different view points blend

I've also started really enjoying Twilight & Pinkie's interaction too, especially the "Logic and Study vs Instinct" aspect to their dynamic

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Hmm, I usually play it but I'll skip over it when I'm pressed for time such as when I watch an episode before I have to leave for a class

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I have to admit I sort of wish that they had kept the first ending theme simply for the humour of having a song about deep frying unrequited love in the Changeling episode

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I wonder if Luna is going to impart some sort of wisdom about not lashing out when you want the attention your older sister is receiving since, considering she's probably the best example of a cautionary tale in that regard

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Oh my....

I think we'll all have to be careful opening this one up, it's going to be difficult for the printers to cram both of their egos into that tiny book so it could be a bit messy when the book is open and they have space

I don't even want to think of how you're supposed to close it up again

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Actually the links in the post all take me to a website asking me to pay for a premium account on a file hosting website, I can't get past the ads

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Is there a place to play or download this where I don't need to make an account on the website?