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Intellectual liberal AIPAC journos are some funny motherfuckers, ain't they? The last time I saw this much entitlement on display was on legacy pledge night at the Kappa Beta Phi house. (I was there playing in the band, so I was just the hired help).

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Hey, what's up with that DOJ investigation in Ferguson, anyway? Or is it just something we'll hear about months before the 2016 election when it's time to GOTV?

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How about Darryl Stingley, who became a paraplegic after a hit on an NFL field?

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Wait, so this Wolf guy took Roberts to the wire? Oh man, this is rich. I miss all the good stuff since the Wonkette redesign. I'll have to try the polarized shades and see if that helps.

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Thanks, Spotts.

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Did what now? Oh come one, if you have a link to this story, please share it. I want to read about mad Tea Bags threatening not to come to the polls over some off-color facebox x-rays and leaky medical boards.

I can't even begin to come up with a google search that would cover this.

Somebody out there, help a brother out so I can keep my Kansas Komedy hard-on going a little longer.

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In the Navy, you make your oath to the Village People.

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I like the clickbait masked as ironic tongue in cheek clickbait. Wait, but is it, or isn't it? Plausible deniability.

You're starting to learn how to use this new Internet, doc.

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I'm lost. So it wasn't an ISIS terrorist but a British actor with props? And he's thinks Obama should have scrambled fighter jets?

I hate the surveillance stuff like sin itself, but you gotta figure there's some intern at the NSA who's tasked with keeping an eye on anything O'Keefe does.

"Guys, you gotta see this. O'Keefe has some Liam Neeson wannabe with a balaclava and make-believe ricin. Should I call in a drone strike?"

"It's tempting, but we probably better save the drones for actual ricin-toting ISIS terrorists."


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Pastor Driscoll says I've got God's Penis.

I like the way he thinks.