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Remember, the sea of lies propagated by the US and affiliated world puppet media, is losing strength even among the masses. Why?, the constant and repeated lies are backfiring on them, because blogs like this available in the web, did not exist until a couple of decades ago, not to mention in Goebbels' time.
Do not despair, no long night lasted forever, as the old saying goes.

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The masses (not illuminated people like you and me) will believe anything if repeated long enough, Dr. Goebbels new the practice well enough. At the end of my original comment I said "You have to admire these guys, they never say never or give up in their efforts to smear their alleged enemies".Thus, they tried on US stooge Navalny who better be careful or nobody will ever hear from him again. It didn't work in the sense that Russia (the main target of the fabrication), didn't lose too much time arguing about the whole ridiculous affair.

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Please re-read my original comment on this story, if you have done so already. How can anybody involved in the "poisoning" be alive today if the real Novichok was used with evil intent? They would all be dead and cold and they aren't. Besides the main actors in this farce, we must include people who initially were in contact with the "poison", such as police, passerby through the scene, Skripal's neighbors, etc., etc.
No mention was ever made of they being affected. The whole shebang was a farce from beginning to end.

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In due time, Russia will go back to their roots and get rid of dead end Capitalism, or go down the drain together with the rest of the West. Past errors and abominations of the Stalinist period died with him in 1953. Lenin's ideas and legacy haven't died in Russia at all, the Party is second in the polls to the present regime in power, and have the support of millions of Russians old and young. The coming collapse of the US Empire and regime, will give the necessary impulse to similar changes at home and all over the world.

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In the world of intelligence we can never know details, but as Woopy correctly said, Russia sent Skripal to jail for a number of years and then he was released.
He was allowed to leave the country in peace, so why would they seek to harm the man? It makes no sense whatsoever, as for his niece she was going to get married back home, so why she hasn't been released by the Brits?
Whatever version England gives about the death of Sturgess or anything else, is impossible to believe since they lied through their teeth from day one.
They even went to the farcical killing of Skripal's cat and his home was demolished. The whole affair was a fiasco for whoever concocted the idea.
I will propose a possible scenario, what if Skripal was a triple agent and was sent to England to feed fake info to the Brits? No matter what's the real story I don't think we'll ever see the Skripals again in this world.

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I fully agree, however all "good times" come to an end. Over a hundred years of crimes, invasions, mass murder, financial scams and every other sort of uncivilized behavior, are too much for the country and the world to bear. Rome lasted 600+ years, England a few centuries and both came to the end of the road.Lack of liquidity (being broke), inequality and moral depravity, will do the job for us nicely. No enemy attack will be necessary, the seeds of destruction are from within.

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The truth of the matter is that Novichok, so called military grade deadly poisonous gas, is an abject failure since so far it hasn't been able to kill anybody. All the affected people are alive, except the drug addict woman who nobody really knows why or how she ended up dead. The Skripals, uncle and niece were alive until sometime ago, but to this day their whereabouts are "unknown". Probably good old pro US traitor Navalny will also disappear into a German Gulag or other such place. These guys are to be admired, they never say never or give up in their efforts to smear their alleged enemies.

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First time ever that Roberts allows comments to his articles, you're very welcome.
This coming November, will hopefully bring the beginning of the end of the US regime, better known as the "Evil Empire". No matter who allegedly wins, Trump or Kamala Harris (sorry, I mean Biden), the writing is on the wall and technicalities aside, the end is near for the Great Satan.

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I don't honestly believe that I should retract my longstanding opinion (along with Master Trump in his 2016 campaign), that 9/11 was an inside job. In fact is a matter of semantics meaning that I've always been convinced, based on information that came to light, that Israel was not only the promoter and participant in the attack, but also the main benefactor of the event, if you ask the question (Cui bono) the Roman expression for who benefits. However, it would never have been possible without the participation of government officials at the highest levels of power. For instance the ridiculous notion that the most guarded air space in the world, could be penetrated by planes that spent enough time in the air out of their normal and closely monitored route for long periods of time. Even if no planes hit the towers or anything else. Helped along by the officially announced military maneuvers that took the whole contingent of fighters patrolling US space out on "Exercises" that day, far from the event in question (just by chance?), impossible.
Therefore, technically the event should be correctly declared a "Joint US/Israeli Operation". Equally true for those who know US history, is the fact that JFK resisted any and all pressure applied by David Ben Gurion PM of Israel, who was desperate to obtain nuclear technology that Kennedy not only opposed but decided to conduct periodic inspections at Dimona, center of Israel nuclear investigation and development of nuclear weapons. As a result, Ben Gurion's government fell due to his failure in the negotiations with JFK. One additional reason why he had to be eliminated, keep adding it to all the others. Final conclusion: the United States of America, is under complete World Zionist control at all levels, economic, political, military and also its national security. Enough reasons to support a draining of the US Zionist swamp, and neutralizing all of those elements working against the country from within.

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I fully agree with you on your description of the events leading to Nixon's resignation (I was in New York at the time). However, a true coup in the mold of JFK's physical elimination (event never to take place during Soviet rule Russia), or 9/11 where the regimen not only premeditatedly killed 3,000 US citizens but also started the infamous War on Terror, created the Patriot Act and ended up so far in the destruction of several countries, tenths of millions dead and even more millions displaced flooding the world with refugees.
That, I call a by the book Coup d'etat.
PS - Not to mention the fact that George Bush Jr., took power twice by electoral fraud, compounding the later criminal acts committed by his administration. These incredible events look like science fiction, but unfortunately they're not. Only in exceptional and indispensable America (Obama).