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"Show More" is kinda like that T.V. spot in Starship Troopers. "Would you like to know more?"

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Oh. I Thought "Pretty Little Liars" was another way to spell Disney. My bad.

And if Lenard does to "Pretty Little Liars" to what he did to pony with Equestria Girls, then that ABC show may not be around much longer. Unless the girls can "Pony Up".

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Unicorn magic has two operating parameters that can be represented by a bell curve: Power and Purpose.

Primary magic purpose is determined by their cutie mark. When a unicorn is following their cutie mark they are at their most powerful use of magic - or at the top of the Bell Curve. As the unicorn moves away from the main purpose of their magic talent, the power level becomes less and less - sliding down the Bell Curve.

Another factor embedded in the power side is Control Skill. Rarity had power to move the weather around but was really bad at it. Her cutie mark was mismatched with her Control Skill ability. Apparently, cutie marks and Control Skills are not quite one and the same thing in Equestria. At least for ponies. [One would think that's what the cutie mark is saying: Power and Control of that power, but I guess not.]

Hence, a unicorn can be very powerful but be inept about using it. Which can make the magic become something like a loose cannon.

Unless a unicorn's cutie mark has something to do with growing food or understanding the process, the end results will be starvation if the unicorns try to replace the Earth ponies simply using magic without the proper skill sets to do it correctly. And that is what the cutie mark is for.

Notice, Twilight helped moved the final product, ie, apples, enmasse. Twilight didn't use magic to grow the apples.

The Bell Curve, Power Vs Purpose, may not apply to Alicorns or Discord.

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Comment testing 1...2...3. Testing. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy ponies back. Damn...no "g" letter. It doesn't work.

I love this episode. It was what hooked me onto Ponies. (Ok...I'll admit I only watched to make fun of it later on. But everyone is entitled to..oh...3 or 4 hundred mistakes.)

I just wish DHX showed more Luna in her younger form from episode 2 in Season 1. Damn she's a cute little critter! Although, I did have eyes wide open when I first saw the Luna character and thought..."That!?! That cute little thing become Nightmare Moon? Bwahahahaha...cough. She looks harmless to me." Ok..fine...she got bigger.

And I was shocked, shocked I say, when Princess Celestia ordered Twilight to make some friends...because in reality Twilight didn't have any friends - period. Celestia, always two or three steps ahead in the game.

And yes I hated Rarity until "Suited For Success" aired....Then I loved her! ( entitled to 3 or 4 hundred mistakes, remember. I'm sure I've used a lot of those up by prejudging a number of characters in this show. Damn ponies.)

Ahhhh...good times. Now I feel old. Way to go Seth...

Coal in your stocking next year.

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Two leg or four leg runs? I'll watch if it's a four legged run. Get your horse shoes ready. On your mark. Get set. BANG. They're out of the gate!

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Good Grief. At first I thought Twilight in the banner was holding a condom in her mouth until I read it more closely. I am tired. Interesting idea tho.

Twilight Sparkle is obviously not a Mary Sue. Twilight never has solved any problem on her own using magic. She is a component of five other ponies who combine their abilities to defeat bad guys and solve various problem situations. Actually, you don't wanna be around Twilight when she is practicing magic. In some small ways Twilight can be worse than Derpy into setting events into motion that will escalate beyond what they intended in the first place.

Never change Twilight. Never change Derpy. Never change.

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Good Grief! A 3:30 minutes opening. Madison Avenue is shocked and dismayed! Do you realize how many commercials that can be run within that time frame? Think of all the money that is lost lost lost. Oh how sad, the tragedy of it all. When will it stop and let capitalism run freely in Italy so the shows can be ruined even further!

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Yo, Silver Quill. Twilight Sparkle didn't have any friends in Canterlot, that's why Princess Celestia sent Twilight to Ponyville to make some friends so they could unite and defeat Nightmare Moon. [Celestia, always two or three steps ahead of the game...maybe 4 or 5 steps.] Hence, Twilight couldn't have been a "bad" friend while in Canterlot.

Mere acquaintances, on the other hand, is something else. They were all unicorns. (Pegasi, Earth Ponies need not apply for Twilight's little circle of badly treated acquaintances.

This is a dream episode that never really happened, or been aired. Episode does not fit the continuity of the series about a friendless little pony needing to make friends to save the world. (*Save the cheerleader, save the world.)

*Season 6 spoiler.

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Ponies involved with physics! Now if that was Rarity she would be whining that the block is too heavy to pull. And the harness is too tight. Why does Spike have to be on the block? Why does she have to do this. It's no fun. Whine whine whine.

C'mon pony science nerds. Break that down into force components and do the math. Lets see. The normal force goes that way. And the the force due to mass goes..... Which one of our Mods is the smart one?

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1) More lens flares.

2) Star Trek stuff.

3) More Star Trek stuff.

4) Dr. Who. Not Dr. Who type stuff. Dr. Who himself. Dr Whooves would be natural best buds with The Doctor.

5) Jar-Jar. Not a Jar-Jar type character, but Jar-Jar himself. Derpy and Jar-Jar would become best buddies as well.