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The very essence of our government has strayed so far from what the founders intended, that it seems almost impossible to bring it back without a serious shake up. These people need to be exposed as "Domestic Enemies" as the oath suggests. Please, help me to live up to my oath of office, and to find a ways to defend the constitution. It takes all of us to make each of us great.

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It is probably with great danger to me that I write this to you. I can just see the Dept. of Homeland Security knocking on my door now. However, not a single person has mentioned this very serious fact. I am a former Army Captain and took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic. (see the full oath of office below) I was also a Military Intelligence Officer. As you have pointed out on your show, our constitution is under serious attack by numerous "domestic enemies" such as ACORN, MoveOn.org, etc. as well as many of our own Congressmen, Senators and even some in the White House. To live up to my oath, I feel I need to do something to help protect against this onslaught. However, I know if we advocated taking up arms, we would be thrown into the darkest prison and the key thrown away. Yet, I am struggling to find a solution beyond blogging, the 9-12 project, writing letters and attending tea parties.