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I had problems with the camera angles as well, though it is probably exacerbated by the excessive overscan on my tv. They put too much filler in the extras, with videos from the original splosion man, and a bunch of outtakes that weren't really funny at all. They probably could have come in at half the size or less if they cut all the filler. Also, the boss fights are not that imaginative or challenging.

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I want to get this for my sister, I know she'll love it, especially the great co-op.

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Blade has a very similar setup to The Simpsons Pinball Party, which is apparently Stern's most produced table since they restarted in the late '90s (something like that).

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Staying alive in the fast paced action.

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Just a note for anybody on the fence about Super Meat Boy, the game is on sale for 800 points until November 21st 2010, after which it will go up to it's real price of 1200 Microsoft Points. So don't wait for a sale because the dev and MS are rewarding early adopters, instead of making them feel like idiots for not waiting 2 months for the game to go on sale. Combine this with the October points rebate (get 800 points back when you spend 2400 points (33% savings if you spend exactly 2400pts) on Xbox Live Arcade Games or DLC from the Game Add-Ons category and it will be like getting SMB for 566 points!

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I enjoyed the game, it was fun to me. Probably had something to do with the fact that I was good at it and that it reminded me of Bushido Blade. Go play Soul Calibur, where a razor sharp blade doesn't cut off appendages...

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Hoping to snag those Defense Grid Map Packs, awesome

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So why aren't you playing COD then? Check your spelling before you rip on something...

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MW2 needs to do this...

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I would like to win because I am skeptical after playing the new maps from the stimulus package. Bailout is the only one I really liked.