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"Wait, what's going on in the park?" couldn't be said any more in this adventure.

Walking down the street Wait, what's going on in the park?

Looking for a book Wait, what's going on in the park?

Seeing Luna in my dreams Wait, what's going on in the park?

Child at school play Wait, what's going on at the park?

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She said "We're charging you to play for the hour."

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Ohh... That means I get a discount Master Blast. I love those.

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Cause this is the night where Luna's moon covers up Celestia's sun and gets the recognition that it so rightly deserves. It makes the Luna fans go nuts.

Me? I think it's just another night.

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Das old seth, I've had one of these for a year now.

They're not as bad as they seem (Especially compared a picture that shows one angle). It's actually quite cute.

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Silly Sazac, she already became a tree

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Ah, hopeless optimism, you are a cruel mistress.

Welp, i'm giving this thing a fighting chance. Mainly cause it's necessary for all humans to assess and re-asses their values, It's life.

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If we go by the troupes standards then...

>In original fiction it's a character who can get away with almost anything.

Tell that to The Crystal Empire pt 2, She, not only was unable to complete the task that she had believed was given to her, but she required help of another neigh, many, just to cast back Sombra.

>About whom no one can shut up

Really? (This one i'll just say is irrelevant.)

>A character who is flawed, sure... but seems to live in a topsy-turvy world where flaws function like virtues and are fetishized accordingly.

Lesson Zero (I'll leave it at that.)

>Above all, it is about wish-fulfillment.

That would be? Alicorn Twilight? She didn't even expect it, let alone want it. I'm very sure her life could have gone just as well without it.

>In the most blatant cases a writer will try to disguise a character's Sue-ness by claiming that she's "not beautiful" before launching into a description of a goddess just without using the word 'beautiful', or by sprinkling her with physical traits such as thinness or a "wide mouth" that have been considered imperfections in the past but are rather more fashionable today.

Still irrelevant seeing as there is no distinguishable difference between all ponies, besides those that WE give them in our own minds... (And mane style, if you wish to count that...) For all we know among the ponies physical standards Twilight might be ordinary, we have no way of telling though. Lauren even stated that in order to display that Rarity was a beauty, they had to use Spike as their little crush-dummy.

>An author will sometimes invent a culture where some trait the audience is likely to consider attractive or neutral is regarded as horribly ugly, bad luck, etcetera. The most common of these tend to be a certain eye or hair color, or perhaps something like Pointy Ears indicating partially elven ancestry in a culture prejudiced against elves.

Last answer is still my argument for this one.

>It is other qualities - abilities, personality (or lack of) and the way that not just the story, but the WORLD revolves around a character, even though it logically wouldn't.

Just cause the story-arc at the present time follows her story doesn't mean that it's "The Twilight Show." There has been plenty of story and background for everyone else. (The way I see it is like a documentary, the film may focus on one person for a time, but that person isn't the only one being starred in the film.)

As for the Snowdrop thing... What do you expect about a video that lasted for 30 minutes.

I wouldn't say she's a Mary Sue, she was 1.Blind 2. Shunned for being blind 3. Lonely. Her life was pretty hectic, and believable given her circumstances. The only reason she didn't have enough character development was the lack of time. (I'd say you'd be more bored of a 30 min video that ONLY fleshed out her character, than a 30 min symbolic video of how life can deal you a harsh hand....) And if you want her to have a back story, than do it. The bloody fandom does it enough for most other background characters.

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Only bad thing I can foresee is that, because this is no longer a fan project for MLP, they don't have to worry about the copyright laws being a restriction for them charging for the game.

Not saying they will, but now it is a possibility.

But I for one happily welcome this new collaboration. Shall all the many lucks be with Mane6.

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Cute sentiment.

I'm sorry, saying Anime characters have varying personalities is like making a tv show featuring 3 potatoes.

Just cause you can put pink, long hair on one potato and put short brown hair on another does not change the fact that they're potatoes and by proxy the same.

In anime, most times, all the male leads are either stalwart ass holes who ooze the idea of "Cool" or completely naive innocent idiots who have no development beyond just that.

And the girls are complete bimbos that adhere to the fanbase with fan service. (While most of them are the same, girls who have no idea that their massive mammaries are getting people excited. There are the females who, like in Pokemon, are complete blank slates.) Or They're girls who are flat chested and have a beef with the main character cause the male interest has something for the other "Personality" so they fall into a personality type of Tsundere ,or how ever the hell it's spelled, personality..

There goes you're "Archtype" Theory. I just listed all the personalities of ALMOST every anime ever.