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Suggest you look at statistics which don’t suit your agenda, in World Ratings and THE ratings both show Durham as in the top 100 , 77th and 97th respectively. If CCHQ is truly being moved it should not be in Manchester or Birmingham, it should be the North East

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It has to be Durham. One of the finest Universities in the world. Truly part of the Red wall that was demolished, and real Northern heartlands. Manchester is already high profile and has good investment, the North East needs to be recognised as being of true importance. In order to maintain the votes lent, and to get more next time ( I want North Durham to go blue next time) the government has to prove it meant what it said.

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Strangely though it was all the Remain voters (who did lose after all) that have caused the most problems, recited the most hateful phrases, told the most appalling and damaging lies ESPECIALLY WHERE CANCER MEDICATIONS ARE CONCERNED" who are going against the manifesto on which they were elected, and are undermining the stability of the country never mind the government. Perhaps the clue to your anger is in the prefix EX to Tory agent.

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I hope that Dr Philip Lee joins Sophie very soon, and takes his friends from the Remain back benches with him. To call people from his own party brEXTREMISTS is offensive to many members of the party who support and follow those same views. It is clear that in this article Lee is saying that if you do not follow the views of the remain side of the party then you are an extremist and as such should not be in the party.
So by that reckoning anyone who has paid membership of the party, as i have done, who supports Brexit, as I have done, and also support Boris and Jacob should leave the party. Well thank you Philip Lee, you have given me a very good case to contact the conservatives over your conduct, as in that article you have offended many many people a lot of whom are members of the party well done.

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So lets get this right, the elected member of parliament, that was appointed as Secretary of State for Exiting the EU by the prime minister, produces along with the staff in his department a perfectly reasonable white paper setting out how we should leave the EU in the form that people who voted to leave thought and recognise, is refused permission to have it published by the PM, IS BLINDSIDED by an unelected Europhile civil servant, who has no responsibility to any voters, who has worked for 3 former PM's who were all europhiles, cuts OUT the secretary of state, toadies to the PM, and the EU negotiators and other flunkies, sets out a new white paper which is definitely NOT BREXIT, bullies members of the FULL cabinet (heavily weighted in favour of remain) takes phones off those members, threatens them with having to get taxis, and bans them from speaking about the new BRINO stance, then continues to press on with his white paper, while the Brexit Secretary resigns as "i wont sell out my country" followed by the Foreign secretary, and now people who are standing up for democracy are being called rebels by the same people who have been rebelling and disloyal a lot longer - this can only end one way. May has to go, she has let the country and the electorate down, and Robbins should be sent to Azkabhan along with the other masters of the dark arts. Its a farce. Only one person can save it, and those who wish our c ountry ill are doing their best to discredit him and his other loyal mps.SHAMEFUL

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I dont recall ever seeing the results of an election where Olly Robbins became an mp, a secretary of state or a pm, yet it is clear that has happened for the input he is having to be allowed. No doubt he has already spoken to the ministers he wants to replace Brexiteers if they resign, and my money is on Soubry, Morgan, Grieve, Greening and Green all of whom have been very quiet recently suggesting they are in on it, mind you with it being Wimbledon no doubt Greening is waiting for her 2 complimentary seats at Wimbledon in the Royal box and refreshments (last year valued at just over £4k) May HAS TO GO.The only true thing Cameron ever said was someone who voted to Remain could not lead the country on this journey.

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If this government was as good at keeping to its word as it is at kicking the can down the road we would have been out of the bloody eu months ago, after having told them we will not be bullied. Instead of that May just allows the country to be bullied by former ministers, SHOCKING BEHAVIOUR

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Lindsay, i have often asked myself that very same question! It just served as a reminder of how divided the party clearly is that Anna Soubry sought to use that as a remark to condemn someone who she clearly does not like! I can't though, help thinking just how many mps have actually changed a nappy?

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The 3 most dangerous people in parliament and to Brexit are Soubry, Grieve and Clarke. Soubry has made a recent career change of being the mouthpiece for all things to derail Brexit, her attacks on members of the party for not thinking how she does have been off the scale. The day after the unnecessary election last year, she was calling for "Theresa May to consider her position" months later she is telling her "Theresa May has to get rid of these hard core Brexiteers who will bring her down" " I wont be in a party led by Jacob Rees Mogg, he has NEVER changed a nappy, his views on abortion are disgraceful, he has no right to tell women they cannot have an abortion" to name just a few, besides her inferences that she and her Remain friends and Best for Britain members have been having talks with Barrier Barnier and that the "uk will never get a good deal else everyone else would want to leave" have been undermining Mrs May and David Davies from the beginning of negotiations. Surprisingly for once a gang of mps WANT to take the BLAME for something namely ignoring the referendum result which if the party do will result in it being out in the cold for generations. Working class people have backed Conservatives as they promised to deliver Brexit, and they are in government. Soubry Clarke and Grieve will all be out to pasture next election anyway so there motives are purely to disregard the people, then go crying to the speaker when the press points this out. I hope David Davies has at LAST taken over Brexit, and that young Mr Oliver Robbins finds himself counting pens in the no 10 stationery cupboard. Brexit MUST be delivered in the way it was sold to us before the MEANINGFUL VOTE we were GIVEN by ministers who had failed to handle it properly for years.

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Thank you!