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No Trixie yet? This is an outrage! I won't stand for it! In fact, I'll just stay sitting, if you don't mind.

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Bah! A pox upon your neither Great nor Powerful houses!

Bah I say!

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Oh, I want that Pinkie Pie wearing glasses shirt! That is just awesome!

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Dang! These Steam -based animations have really improved over the past several months!

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Look, my intent is not to be patronizing or implying you're not entitled to the way you feel, your opinions, or your approach to the show. I'm saying it doesn't bother me and I try to keep things in perspective. You say you don't want to be labeled an immature child, I'm not doing that. But by the same token, I ask that you respect not everyone is going to be as angry as you are either.

You came to my page to tell me I'm the "Incarnation of condescension." I do my best in this fandom to be reasonable and respectful, I never want to be hurtful or dismissive of anyone. If I did in this case, then I owe you an apology.

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Look at all those fancy shirts! Thanks for posting such nice things about WLF and I, Seth! <3

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Well, okay. THAT was freaking incredible!

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I came here for ponies. Was not disappointed.

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I don't buy the toys or watch the show either. I'm just here for the wolf punching. http://wolfpuncher.com/

I don't even know what ponies are. Some kind of small dog? A lizard maybe? An kitchen appliance? Who cares!