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Yeah, EPL doesn't interest me much either. I don't mind watching some matches but my only real reason right now is Chicharito... In Mexico he is considered a Chiva my team's most hated rival but I have so much respect for him. He is so respectful is sometimes shocking to see, especially with rich and famous young men. But its no surprise since his dad is always there to let him know that even when he has to turn down people for autographs and/or interviews he can it honestly and politely. Something many tv reporters said it was surprising. I'm more happy that his presence makes a difference and is noticed by the club and its owners. I hope the fans appreciate him because very few like him. He doesn't expect fame and love without having to work for it but his main goal is always to make his dad and grandpa proud of him...

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I just want to say that I dream of a final between FC Barcelona and Manchester United... I'm not really fan of either club but of individual players. I do love Barca for what it represent not in winnings like many of their new fans but how they play together and with a not giving up attitude when they are down or having a hard time as it was yesterday. However, Manchester United has Chicharito and I support my fellow men. I'm really proud of him for not only following and working hard for his dream when he was told by "professionals" that he was not good enough to make it in the professional world of football. He's also the most polite football player in our country or so everyone who meets him says... I believe it. I want to see how he would handle Barcelona... I don't want Mou to get near him. He can be great all he wants, but I wouldn't want to see him in RM and Mou has said he would like to work with him.

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Kickette, you're sorry? Ah ha ha ha now isn't that the biggest lie ever! Since there's wasn't much evidence of them ever actually having a relationship I would have to agree with people here that it was more of a casual thing. It must be tough to not see your bf when he travels so much unlike Sara who often travels with the NT team and I'm guessing RM since I've seen her doing some reports (see her on tv). So on another WAG note, the Shakira "issue" with many, lo... I've said this because of the players response to the question of what they look for in a woman and most Catalan players have said they would like to marry a Catalan girl. With that said, before confirming the relationship I stated once or a million times, lol that not to worry to the Pique lovers out there he was very likely to only marry a Catalan girl anyways so the relationship would have an end eventually, if it were true. Well, today I read that Shakira is of Catalan descent... :) I'll leave you with that.

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Yes Xavitos.... they could be blonde or dark hair bubbas....... :) But I hope it happens soon, lol If he doesn't have babies before he retires I doubt we will see pics of them. In Terrassa I would think they will respect his wishes for privacy. I do hope to see a little mini Xavi with his hair all spiky like his daddy wearing a little black jacket *dies*

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No surprise I agree with you. I love whenever he gets his hair cut. I looooove his hair without gel, he gets these adorable waves....... he seems to be all smiles in recent weeks. I'm think he has a gal or someone in his life who will soon be part of the new WAGs club. I kind of want to see him with someone already.

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I want this too real bad. I want to see Chicharito against Messi and Xavi. Even though I'm not a fan of either club I love watching Barca win and I do enjoy watching Chicharito score. But what I truly do love about all this aside from Xavilicious scoring and having a new haircut and looking good is that anyone seems to be able to score in this awesome team that is Barca... :)

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Glad to be back :) Thank you.... hopefully lots of Xavi and Pique post... but pretty much look like Barca and RM will be hot topics this coming week. Eeek! I can't wait!!!

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Hi :)
I've been laptopless... lol my laptop had died. Also, in the process of moving which can be hectic specially the part about looking at houses to move in thinking you found the right one but they don't want pets :( But now its all good... How you been?

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With Mou is a little bit different because he says things on camera knowingly well that it will be all over Spain and other parts of the world. I just hope that CR keeps resting his injuries because they keep coming back way too soon and I hate when great players get injured no matter who they are and what club they play for. If Mou is unhappy then he should leave because it could affect the players in the end. The heads of the club should realize this: the spanish players can be competitive on the field, can talk trash, can sometimes be a little rough with each other like the Ramos and Puyi incident because Puyi has done the same to Ramos in previous matches, but the trash talk from Mou towards Barca players and serious allegations can be harmful for Spain's national team. These men are now together, whose to say it won't come up in their conversations? Sorry, but many may say its not going to affect them but a persons mind can be tricky and I'm all for players doing their thing for their clubs but coaches should stick to coaching and trying to form their best football with what they have, RM has lots of stars no need to bring them drama.

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Well, this "article/post" was not at all what I was expecting. Of course I don't get my football news from this site either because here its more about sharing thoughts, questions, likes/dislikes, and of course gossip. So anway, I'm not at all a fan of Mou regardless of his many achievements and that due to his personality. The same goes for CR but in his case its his "personality" because I have no reason to be sure he's like the person he portraits to be on camera and on the field. Could be he doesn't want to show his sensitive side knowing well many people take advantage of that or maybe he knows he's a good player and wants to show it off. Who can blame him? But I did admire him as a football player. Looked forward to it actually until recently.