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Reminds me of my Sim City 4 MLP maps. Good stuff!

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#35: Applejack participates in a pooping contest while her siblings cheer her on.

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I think so. I mean, kids are going to have parents, relatives and family friends getting pregnant and having kids. And no, I don't think the show needs to go into HOW Shining Armor and Cadence conceived their foal...but it would be really cute to see Cadence Pregnant and Twilight going nuts on seeing her Niblet-to-be (Yes, Niblet...the gender neutral term for a niece or nephew) Bringing out an entire library on foal care, foal names foal this foal that.

Could also make for a good plot. Cadence can't do X spell because of her pregnancy messing with her magic... problem Y happens in the Crystal Empire because of it and the Mane 6 help out.

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The only hybrid I have in my fannon is a Zegasus. (Zebra + Pegasus, essentially a colorful zebra with wings)

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The map is trying to power-level her for the finale.

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Perhaps the journey to parenthood (assuming they show Cadence Preggers rather than doing a "Oop, she gave birth, here are the babies right now" like they did with the Cakes could really help flesh them out. Seeing how they react to the idea of impending life BEFORE the foal is born, can give their characters depth.

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Way back in the day, there was another class cartoon show called Garfield and Friends. The old 2d hand drawn animated one. Among the many wonderful episodes was one called "Mistakes Will Happen" a 4th wall breaking one where Garfield watches an episode of his own show with the viewer in order to address concerns about continuity and animation errors. What follows is an entire 'episode' jammed full of nothing but hilariously intentional errors.

Imagine if Pinkie Pie and Discord did such an episode for MLP. If you want to see the frame of reference, watch it here.

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I wonder why they singled out this one to C&D

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A Crusader Princesses II mod for Crusader Kings II. Pony portraits, Cuitie marks instead of education traits. Tribal tension instead of religious (It would be pre-Hearth's Warming Eve with the 3 tribes). The Gryphon empire would invade in place of the Mongols.

Don't laugh, I know this can happen. They already have a massive Game of Thrones mod that transforms the game's landscape into the ones in A Song of Ice and Fire and populates the starting world with characters from the book, both major and minor.

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So you mean Twilight Sparkle, Archery and Target figure set?