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Spike's really holding it in or he just didn't pay attention

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Go on

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Uh.. okay?

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I love how he points out all the bad MLP fanfiction.. music to my ears and 100% true.

The reason why there's any MLP references in the recent Nostalgia Critic reviews, is because of the new girl who replaced the primary female actress who normally did the skits (Rachel Tietz) is a fan of My Little Pony. You can see some of her jokes trickling in and stick out like sore thumbs throughout the review. Expect to see more pony stuff in Doug's future videos.

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Once something's on the internet. It stays on the internet.. FOREVER

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Good, they never announced this pony's name to begin with in the show and I'm glad they came up with one. Every time I hear someone bring up this random name out of no where and ASSUME that everyone officially gave a fan name and expects others to acknowledge it and call the character the same is just irritating. Some fan names are horrible anyway

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LOL I bet a majority of you kids don't know who Weird Al is ..

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Their muzzles are pointing down and I'm not a big fan with the "Drawn on mouth" look. I still think 4DE plushies holds the trophy

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I hope it's not "snow flake." It's Kind of annoying when fandom squirms its way in the close to non-existent crevice that leads to the official writing. I hope it's something unique.

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Just saying.. took me like.. I don't know. 5 hours to beat the game, like getting use the controls and everything. Playing as your favorite pony isn't as exciting as you think it is. If you don't know.. you'll see.