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How come the 1080p video links are rarely 1080p but 720p?

It's not really an issue since I can find 1080p videos other places, but I'm just curious.

Thank you for providing the links, btw. :)

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That was simply wonderful and well worth the wait!

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That was stupid and a bit insulting.

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I've been hoping that they would eventually do something like this. I know there are Bronies in my area. I know it. I just have to find them.

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I have absolutely no problem with it. I never did.

The only concern is, since she's a Princess, she's living in a castle now. So, they'll need to make excuses for her to go back to Ponyville or change her back.

What this could mean is that maybe they'll move beyond Ponyville. Maybe we'll see the Mane 6 go to other areas of Equestria and the rest of the world. Maybe we'll finally find out if the whole planet is called Equestria or if that's just where the Ponies live.

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I expect to see a Fanfic about Rarity: Crab Hunter within the next two weeks.

That is, unless someone has already written one.

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Hopefully this means that they'll FINALLY update the Android App on Kindle. It's been at 1.04 forever.

Oh, and my Gameloft ID is PinkiePieAddict if you want to add me.

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I was expecting it to be focused on the fandom and BronyCon. I wasn't expecting personal stories about Bronies.

Unfortunately, that means I won't be able to use it to explain Bronies and the Fandom to people. :|

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Happy Birthday, EQD! :)

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You remind me of the pony.
What pony? The pony with the power
What power? power of voodoo
Who do? you do
Do what? remind me of the pony

I saw my pony, crying hard as Twilight could cry
What could I do?
My pony's love had gone
And left my pony blue
Nobody knew:

What kind of magic spell to use?
Slime and snails
Or puppy dogs' tails
Thunder or lightning
Then Twilight said
Dance magic, dance (dance magic, dance)
Dance magic, dance (dance magic, dance)
Put that pony spell on me
Jump magic, jump (jump magic, jump)
Jump magic, jump (jump magic, jump)
Put that magic jump on me
Slap that pony, make her free