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Richochet as the next Sin Cara confirmed.

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CM Punk says hello!

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This post is why Spanish Announce Tables don't exist in Badstreet USA.

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A job is a job, man.

Not every movie can be a summer blockbuster, gotta build his resume somehow.

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Definitely picking up the Candido documentary when it releases on home media. I know a lot of people only remember him from his days as Skip in The Bodydonnas but he was so awesome in ECW with Franchise and Bam Bam in the Triple Threat.

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That Zack Ryder joke went right over your head, boss.

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Because Brock would end up cursing during the promo and get the WWE fined.

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Ace Crusher would be the most appropriate term.

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Yeah because a Diva is a woman who performs oral sex for pills while her fiancee is across the building in the locker-room, getting ready for his match.

Man Candido deserves so much better.

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I totally understand how Dusty's wife must of felt.

About a month ago at my job an elderly man looked off-balanced, and then fell- grabbing at his chest. I walked out of the maintenance room and spotted this and went to tend to him but he didn't speak very good English, he was of Korean descent. I tried to get his name and important details, no dice. I noticed he was sweating like crazy so I called 911 thinking it must of been his heart and I got probably the second most rude operator (behind the one mentioned above) who I tried to tell the man DOESN'T speak English and the operator didn't seem to care and tried to yell at me when I was unable to relay messages in Korean to English.

The best part of it all was when I heard the siren blasting down the street, I went to thank the operator and I got a "Yeah, whatever" and click. These people are unreal, they need to find different occupations.