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And now we get to see how truly hypocritical all the left-wingers are. Watch, they'll try to defend this. And the lefties defending it will be the same people who called for Dana Loesch to be fired for standing up for the marines who urinated on dead Taliban terrorists.

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Daily POS, where free speech takes a back seat to political correctness and Islamapologism.

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Because the America-hating lefty loons at HuffPoo think that any positive depiction of America's troops is outdated nationalistic jingoism. Left-wingers prefer nihilistic and cynical war films that portray our troops as thugs, rapists, and murderers, and our military as a mere tool of corrupt corporate imperialism. Says a lot about what the left thinks of our country and our military.

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It's more a coup by pseudo-intellectual progs, abusing science in order to give the gov't more control over the people.

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"state-mandated mandatory"? I thought Rachel Maddow was supposed to be smart. Apparently, she's an idiot AND a liar.

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Adventures in Tinfoil Hat Crazyland with Demented Davey Brock.

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You're telling Stranahan to 'gtfo'? Hey, idiot, it isn't your website and last time I checked, no one was forcing you to come here.

You gtfo. Loser.

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You're a joke. Everything you've ever posted on this site is a joke. As if it wasn't sad enough that you take to defending the Tinfoil hat squad at the dishonest, hypocritical, corrupt, and anti-Semetic Media Matters, NOW you're even defending misogynistic lying blowhard Olbermoronn as well.

Please tell me you're a paid poster. If you're actually doing this because you like MMfA and Olbermonnkey, well, that's just pitiful. Get some normal people hobbies and learn to think for yourself. It might just do you some good.

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Defamation? Bullcrap. You're just a leftist sheep who hates Breitbart because whatever proggie talking heads you watch told you to hate him. You didn't even read Breitbart's full statement, you just take whatever any left-winger says about him at face value.

Try thinking for yourself sometime, it might do you some good.

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Olbermoronn must be a real grade A misogynist pig. Not that that would bother Al Gore considering his crazed poodle antics (and let's not even get started about Clinton, a man who did most of his thinking with his, uh...yeah). Let's just say they're all complete and total pigs who treat women like objects, and that's why Keefy doesn't think rape is a big deal, and Gore just doesn't care.