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The Government has pumped a lot of money into the economy and which has created a crazy explosion in house prices. Many areas have a 30% increase in the last year. This also means people are borrowing to fund developments etc. Also noticing a lot of empty shelves in shops, some steep price increases for imported groceries example NZ$80 for a kilo of limes which is about £40 springs to mind.

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I live in New Zealand. Yes the country is operating normally but owing to the peculiarities of the NZ media the Labour Government doesn't have to worry about much criticism of its policies and decisions. The NZ Government can manipulate information on unemployment and ignore the inward freight trade crisis at the border and barely a negative question asked. Most people watch news on a state media channel that Putin would be proud of.

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+1 from me Julian.

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I saw a news clip of Biden do a speech on the campaign trail and afterwards he used a woman's hair to wipe his face and no comment from journalists. See the attached link to somewhat weird footage of Joe Biden. I don't see him lasting long

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Now that we are reading reports of banks freezing the funds of Senators who supported Trump, Democrats calling for Senators to be given no fly status or kicked out. Biden implying the police inside Capitol Hill are racist. It is hard to see anyone stepping up to calm the situation.

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This highlights the weakness of the federal government structure and trying to mould together very different regional concerns. Thank goodness the UK electorate had the courage to reject the supranational form of governance that was being imposed on them by stealth.

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I am living in New Zealand and the NZ Labour Government has the benefit of very little objective analysis of their policies by the media. I went to shops trying to get Christmas presents and for many items I wanted to buy I was told they are stuck on a boat somewhere. A significant inward freight problem barely reported on here. The left leaning NZ media had the cheek to criticise Boris for slight delays on New Years Day at Dover while ignoring the massive delays here.

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Time Magazine recently gave extensive coverage to the 2023 Great Reset. This talks in detail of the US (Democrat)-EU socialist style global agenda that is coming out of the World Economic Forum's Davos Manifesto for a post covid world. I doubt this is a fictional plan and it looks like the UK will be in there as well.

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Carrie Symmonds is a PR expert and has a vested interest in staying in Number 10. Boris has been all over the place and I can imagine his partner knows what she is doing from a PR perspective.

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There has been plenty of commentary in the media in recent weeks on the Great Reset. Time Magazine even imagined a 3 year period where Biden/Harris and the EU substantially reinvent capitalism along a social capital model. With the US Senate held and the Blue Landslide a fiction I don't think the Left are going to somehow build a post covid socialist future from this point before the next US election.