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From an insiders point of view:
#1 They aren't lacking in production, but sales. This is a fact. I work for a company that makes critical volt battery parts. This is not a production or even a supply problem. It's a lack of demand problem. Period.
#2 You want to know what kind of jobs battery manufacturing infrastructure created? Ok: Approximately 75 minimum wage no benefit temp jobs for the battery component supplier, and a handful of maintenance guy jobs at the GM plant that makes the battery. That's it.

This car is substantially overpriced, which is why GM has gone repeatedly to its volt parts suppliers and asked for an insane reduction in part costs. Far more than what an auto company would normally ask after a production launch and system fill.

This was a massive waste of time and taxpayer money. It's a car birthed of political bribery and crony capitalism.

You don't have to take my word for it though. In another year one of us is going to be right, and the other is going to look like a fool...

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LOL Well, sorta. #1, the chicoms never pass up a chance to rip off some one else's work. And #2, if you could build this car using chicoms peasant slave labor, and sell it at chicom peasant slave labor prices you would move a lot of them.

FUN FACT: The special material that goes into the Volt batteries is already produced in china. It's shipped over here then assembled by minimum wage American workers. Soon it'll all be done over there. Even an unskilled, poorly educated minimum wage American worker is more expensive than a chicom peasant slave laborer..

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Sorry bud, but this baby is DOA. It's too fragile, too expensive, and doesn't perform for the cost. That's why no one's buying it. It's going no where. I'm looking at production output numbers as I type this. An increase next year? Not likely. Production requirements were pretty high for the end of this year and have already dropped substantially. This car was just a giant waste of tax payer money, with little if any benefit to workers.

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"Occupy" : To take up space.....

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The company hired 75 temp workers at minimum wage, no benefits, insurance or even raises in the last couple years. No chance of getting hired in full time. Oh and by the way, if even a single hair gets into the battery it can fry the entire cell. GM's assembly line for the battery is completely automated; only a couple maintenance guys to monitor the robots. Even the material handling is done by robotic hi-lo's. In short, we all got shafted on this deal, not that anyone should be surprised...

Oh yeah I forgot to add: GM shared its proprietary research info with the chicoms in order to get access to sell the volt's over there, so within a year or two there will be a chicom version of the battery tech, and the components will all, almost certainly be built over there.

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One warning, "you are acting in a hostile manner, please leave." second warning, two in the chest...

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You apparently have never been on the receiving end of a "rat pack". I have, and I can tell you from personal experience that unless you're completely unconscious, you will be up and moving and talking like normal afterwards, for awhile. The adrenalin causes that. Usually you don't start to feel the true effects of your injuries for 4-6 hours, and the next morning is a real b1tch.

So, him moving around proves nothing. At the end of the day you have two large union stormtroopers fighting with one, much smaller man, who was injured. In my state, two-on-one alone would have ensured a conviction.

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So, it's not just cops who can beat a black man while using racist epitaphs? Ok, we shall add union members to that list as well.....

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I really do not mean this in a derogatory manner, because I dig the "Big" sites. However, I can't help but notice an incredible number of grammatical errors in many of the pieces, sometimes even in the title. When you comment and make a flub, it's one thing. But when your site(s) seem severely lacking in the spelling/grammar department, it just looks bad.

"Millions have been displaced internally and externally, living in refugee camps where the government continuous its coercions." ~ That's just grammatical laziness.

Again, not trying to be a dick, just don't want the "Big" sites to look "amateurish".

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The sad irony seems to be lost on many here. Is this kind of dumb? Sure it is, (in my opinion). But think about it for a minute. You really think Jefferson, of all men, would condone such police actions?