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Hey, Fast Eddie, let me hold the door for how he is "getting out" right before those unfunded pension liabilities hit.
How long before the stories come out to affirm the National John Edwards, like Al Gore....

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This is outrageous! Have to remember this one the next time the Teacher's union goes on strike; shouldn't Arlene spread the wealth?

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As I understand it, this law is the same as the federal law that already exists, although I am more comfortable with the individual states handling this problem than the federal government. It is enforced when there is a probable cause or reasonable suspician instance, not whenever they leave their house. When you are pulled over for a traffic violation, does a policeman ask you for your driver's license and registration? How is enforcing existing law when someone is in the country illegally overreach? Just sayin...

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Another Philadelphia politician? Current state of Philadelphia - they have run out of money; want to impose a 12% real estate tax increase even though some city employees have not paid their real estate taxes in 25 years. Clerk of Quarter Sessions, a 78 year old woman in a patronage position, who employed five members of her family in that office, cannot find $1.5 million dollars in bail money, and has no means to account for it. Philadelphia owned utililities want increases and City Council is corrupt to the bone. Please, for the good of the Commonwealth, no more Philadelphia politicians! Of course, I could have saved myself some time and just typed "Ed Rendell"!!

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This man cannot go away fast enough for me. We had to put up with his bombastic self as Mayor. It's sad that the Commonwealth had to put up with him for 8 years. America's mayor, indeed!

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I spoke with some Democrats in Philly who are Tea Party Members and they are remaining Democrat so they can vote against Specter in the primary. We have come up with a double whammy, they can vote against both Specter and Sestak by writing in Joe Vodvarka. He was knocked off the ballot by a challenge from Sestak. They are going to do it. Sounds good to me!

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Hmm...chairs "Ethics Committee"?? I met her once when I was working the polls; she acted like I had leprosy (I wasn't a Dem). Perhaps she will show up for Mass on Sundays now in our parish, other than during election season......

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Funny that you should mention it; I was wondering how long it would take for Philly to get around to holding a rally to support that criminal organization, and they never disappoint. Same thing with Michael Vick - when it was announced that a team was taking him, I shuddered, and just knew it was going to be Philly - stupid is as stupid does...I also think that Barack is trying to turn the entire country into Philadelphia - God help us all.....

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When this budget mess started nationally back in November, my husband's company instituted pay cuts....10%. My small company had to do away with our 401K match. I think it's time that our overblown and overpaid legislature start thinking along those terms. Fast Eddie can lead by example, doncha think? You know, take one for the team, hmmmmm?

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Good ole Fast Eddie is just doing to the state what he did to the City of Philadelphia.....America's mayor, indeed!! He did nothing for the neighborhoods, why should he, we only pay the taxes and was heavily involved in the race baiting when John Street ran for re-election. I guess he just believed his hype, and now we are the joke. So the press will build Sestak up like the second coming, this should be very interesting.....I saw him on Fox News this morning discussing his Philadelphia Town Hall (why Philly, hmmmm?)...I have not been impressed since he tried to tell me that cutting the Stimulus down from 10,000 earmarks to only 8,000 earmarks was in fact a cut....they do truly think we are stupid.